Karrar Haidri (left) greeting Pakistan's Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gillani during the photo exhibition "Swat smiles again."
courtesy Karrar Haidri
ExplorersWeb Week in Review

Posted: Jun 28, 2010 09:52 pm EDT
Bad weather sent most climbers down from the Pakistan peaks this weekend. Save for a crevasse fall-scare though, so far all is well in Karakoram. Iranian Leila was the first to stand face to face with K2, the season's first 8000er summit was bagged by Polish Hajzer and Szymczak on Nanga Parbat, and Italian Walter Bonatti turned 80.

In other news:

12-year old Matt Moniz summited Denali, Whitney and Elbert in just eight days earlier this month. Resident in Boulder, CO, Matt had previously summited Aconcagua, Elbrus, Kilimanjaro and hiked to Everest BC.

Abby heading for the US Her brother Zac met Abby Sunderland when she arrived at la Reunion this weekend. Abby has kept the story about how she lost her mast in the southern ocean to herself after she was rescued, but now on her way back home to the US she will hold a press conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Vogel Family on Bikes update: Two years on the road with child adventurers It has been two years since John, Nancy, Daryl & Davy (both 12) pedaled away from the shores of the Arctic Ocean on their way to the south of South America. Nancy says they are living their dream on a daily basis. The past 20,000km they have also spent "working together toward a common goal as a family."

The race around the North Pole: Russians vs Norwegians Norwegians Børge Ousland and Thorleif Thorleifsson thought they where the only team heading for the North East and North West Passage in one season. But on the same day the Norwegians started a Russian team sailed in to Norwegian waters with exactly the same intentions.

Greenland wrap-up: Sebastian and Eric on land; Vesa an Toni still on the Inland ice Eric McNair-Landry and Sebastian Copeland started at ocean level, at the foot of a glacier near Narsasuaq in the south and finished forty days later at ocean level at the base of a mountain near Qaanaaq (approx 2300km). Vesa Luomala and Toni Vaartimo, also on this route, get sporadic good kite winds.

Four Brits planning to break South Pole ski speed record Manley Hopkinson, Steve Walton, Rupert Baddeley and Charlie Hunter teamed up as the Best of British South Pole Expedition to break the fastest, unsupported, unassisted crossing from edge of continent to South Pole and bring the record home to Britain.

Mongolian trek update Ripley Davenport has made his way into Mongolias Gobi Desert. The heat and the lack of wind make it tough going; after he managed to locate a well and replenish his water supply though, after 28 days, Rip took a well needed stripped wash in cold water.

Expedition School in the French Pyrenees anyone? Known for his human powered, source to sea journey of the Amazon River and recent walk across Iran, Mark Kalch is presenting a 3-day Expedition School in the French Pyrenees where participants will be provided with the essential tools to embark on their own adventure or expedition.

Swat smiles again - photo exhibition in Islamabad Once known as "Pakistan's Switzerland", Swat valley hit media last year when bloody fights between Pakistan army forces and radicals ousted the Taliban rulers. A dozen photographers including ExWeb's Karrar Haidri now offer a new picture of the area.

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