L-R: Artur Hajzer, Adam Bielecki and Janusz Golab in Skardu prior to their successful winter climb of G1 this March.
Image by Agnieszka Bielecka courtesy Polish winter GI expedition 2012, SOURCE
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Posted: Mar 11, 2012 04:42 pm EDT
(Story updated Mar 11, 2012 02:42 pm EDT) Explorersweb has been updated with a new system showing live streams from dispatches, comments, ExWeb news and other news in a wild mix for a brand new, global and up-to-the-minute current experience of world adventure.

Other major news: the Polish bagged the first winter ascent of G1 but there is still no word from Gerfried Goschl, Nisar Hussain and Cedric Hahlen approaching the top via a new route for a planned traverse. Ed note: the missing is not Cedric Larcher (Kairn.com), as has been erroneously stated.

GI: Poles back in the winter throne Polish Adam Bielecki and Janusz Golab bagged the first winter climb on GI - Hidden Peak - at 8:30am, local time Friday. On summit, they reportedly spotted Gerfried, Cedric and Nisar ascending.

Winter 8000ers: AdventureStats update Another piece of history has been carved in the Baltoro rock: with that there has been an update to AdventureStats.

Winter Gasherbrum I watch  Alex Txikon finally arrived in BC at 11:30pm Saturday sustaining mild frostbite. Tamara reached BC some time later, also with frostbite. Main concerns come from the lack of news from Gerfried Goschl, Cedric Hahlen and Nisar Hussain.

Artur Hajzer, live from winter GI: "One month in BC is nothing"  "Right now we are facing a hurricane in BC - sleeping is not an option, since we're busy protecting our mess tent; that is why you got my answer so promptly," wrote Artur Hajzer late night, in response to our request for interview, before his team's historic ascent.

Gerfried Goschl, live from winter GI: This project is way too serious to play around with  In his interview with ExWeb from BC, GI expedition leader Gerfried Göschl emerged strongly set on his long-time goal: a new route on G1 and the first winter traverse of an 8000er.

Young Masha Khitrikova lost on Elbrus  Last summer she summited Gasherbrum II as part of a vivacious female duo but last Sunday the promising Ukrainian climber Maria "Masha" Khitrikova succumbed to a storm on Elbrus.

North Pole skiers first miles in minus 50 degrees C Three teams started from Resolute Bay & a Norwegian duo is expected by March 20 to attempt a speed ski record, unassisted and unsupported.The first full route skiers have covered their first kilometers. Sledge pulling was slow in deep snow & temperatures plummet below minus 50 deg C.

North Pole weather watch: Blizzard for March 11; 100 years ago: Scott also in a blizzard   CIS shot over a 4th blizzard alert to ExWeb warning the skiers about another batch of strong gale-force southwest winds combined with snow; skiers were tent bounded yesterday. 100 years ago on Antarctica Scott wrote Oats had no chance of survival.

ExWeb interview with Japanese solo NP skier Yasu Ogita: after 11 years the ultimate  The only solo North Pole skier this year; Yasu told ExplorersWeb from the high Arctic, "I am nervous now. Thinking a lot of the situation. 800 km is not so long distance for me, but Arctic Ocean is really different place, specially moving ice, and open leads."

ExWeb interview with Clare O'Leary: flying the female flag among 15 men  A busy North Pole season lies ahead with only 1 woman among 15 men who will attempt this year’s full ski route. But this doesn’t bother Clare, who talked to ExWeb from Resolute Bay about being back for another attempt, how she mentally feels and about her training program.

ExWeb interview with Mike O'Shea, “The nature of the NP trip will require us to deal with whatever is thrown”  ExWeb also caught up with Irish Mike O’Shea.

ExWeb interview Sebastian Copeland and Eric McNair-Landry Meeting Lenin along the way was surreal, said the team who crossed the POI and GSP on Antarctica. Eric followed in his dad’s footsteps while Sebastian contemplated about Lenin who might have been bored in this stoic, forlorn, incongruous environment.

Debrief: Russian sidecar motorcycles Siberian Ice Run 2012   Simon Limpus and David Murray, who participated in the recent ural Ice Run tells about their experience. In 11 days they travelled over 2500km, and give credit to the local Russians’ hospitality, mechanical expertise and knowledge of the area.

Multi-year Ethnographical Africa research project African adventurer Julian Monroe Fisher announces a 5-year-7-expeditions Ethnographical research project deep in the heart of Africa; retracing African expeditionary routes of famed Victorian explorers. He will be using dugout canoes, feluccas, ferry boats, camels, donkeys & horses.

2012 Everest & K2 tech roundup: Q&A with HumanEdgeTech  A chat with Tom about the basics of Himalaya comms in 2012, along with an exciting peek into the future.

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