Andy Pag: Its a personal goal. Im not trying to prove anything to the world. click to enlarge)
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Andy Pag Indian Terrorism Trial update: Asking public support

Posted: Feb 22, 2010 06:11 pm EST
Andy Pag, who is attempting to drive around the world in a vegetable oil powered bus and was arrested for terrorism in India because he had a satellite phone with him, have to wait for another trail date - again. The latest date has been postponed until March 5 because the Indian police didn't submit charges.

Asking support

Andys tourist visa that expired today has been extended, but prevents him from leaving the country for three months, reported Andy.

Andy is waiting for the Indian police to file charges against him. Because nothing happens, he is asking for help from everyone all over the world.

Go to Andys website in the links section to see what help he suggests.

This is my last resort, he added, and I hope it will motivate the officer to complete his investigation. There is no legal time limit. Its already been 6 weeks, and until they do I am trapped in India.

Caring inmates

Andy recalls his friendship with an inmate who looked after him in the Indian prison. The guy told Andy his story, In prison you accept the version people tell you about themselves because thats all there is.

He, his gang of mates, and his dad (in the next wing for murder over a property feud) kept me sane, clean, fed and more, Andy wrote on his website.

Andy Pag who is attempting to drive around the world in a vegetable oil powered bus, was arrested and imprisoned in India on suspicion of terrorism, because he was in possession of a satellite phone without a permit. Pags lawyer has since discovered there appears to be no government department which actually issues permits for satellite phones.

Andy, whose full name is Andrea Pagnacco, has dual British and Italian nationality,

His arrest in Pushkar, Rajasthan on January 11, was followed by 100 officers sweeping through the town searching for evidence of terrorist connections to the green adventurer, who has previously driven a chocolate-powered lorry to Timbuktu.

Pag, currently freed on bail, if convicted could be sentenced to more time in Ajmer prison where inmates sleep on cold stone floors and have limited access to hygiene facilities.