Botswana run October-November 2012.
courtesy i2P, SOURCE
Botswana Youth Ambassadors.
courtesy i2P, SOURCE
Expedition watch: Ray Zahab and i2p Youth Botswana run

Posted: Oct 18, 2012 01:32 pm EDT
(Newsdesk) Canadian ultra runner, Ray Zahab, is on his way to Botswana in Southern Africa with eight impossible2possible Youth Ambassadors, ages between 17 and 21. They will run across a section of the Kalahari Desert.

The educational topic for this project will be water and information will be relayed to thousands of students in classrooms around the world as they study this precious resource, while the runners will be running ultra marathons day after day.

The Botswana i2P Youth Ambassadors are Breanna Cornell, Gillian Hinton, Hannah Elkington, Holly Bull, Hope McCarty, Marie Donovan, Nansen Weber and Saskia Viasey. Nansen is the younger brother of Tessum Weber who was baptized by fire when he became the youngest person, at age 20, to ski a full route to the Geographic North Pole. Their father is veteran polar skier Richard Weber who shared with ExWeb Top 5 reasons for North Pole failure.

The mission of impossible2Possible (i2P) is to use the platform of adventure and technology to educate, inspire, and empower the global community to reach beyond their perceived limits and make positive change in the world.
The vision of i2P is to cultivate a generation of leaders who, through direct experience, education and the use of groundbreaking technology, are prepared to pioneer social and environmental action throughout the world.

The Republic of Botswana is a country of 2 million people that is located just north of South Africa. Botswana (which is roughly the size of the Canadian Province of Alberta or the U.S. State of Texas) is surrounded on all sides by land and has no direct access to seaports, yet still manages to thrive in the world economy. It boasts one of the highest economic growth rates in the world and ranks as an ‘upper-middle’ economy by the World Bank - one of only four countries on the entire continent to achieve such status. The economy has been fueled by diamond mining, agriculture, and a strong footing in the banking and financial sectors.

Some of Ray Zahab’s ultra-marathons:

- 2004 Yukon Arctic Ultra, 160 km
- 2004 Jungle Marathon, Amazon, 250 km
- 2004 Trans 333, Niger, 333 km
- 2004 & 2005, Marathon des Sables, Morocco, 250 km
- 2005 Sahara Race, Egypt, 250 km
- 2006 Gobi March, China, 250 km
- 2006 Libyan Challenge, 190 km
- 2007 Running the Sahara, 7500 km, 111 days
- 2007 three extreme coastal trails of Canada, back to back, 100, 210, 75 km
- 2008 Canada, in each province and territory, 80 km per day x 13 days
- 2008-09 Hercules Inlet to Geographic South Pole
- 2010 Lake Baikal, Siberia
- 2011 Atacama Desert
- 2011 Bolivia Salt Flat
- 2011 Death Valley
- 2012 Andes, South America

- 2012 Baffin Island

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