Thuraya warning today: Network experiencing temporary malfuntions

Posted: Jul 26, 2006 05:25 pm EDT

( Earlier this morning the Benegas brothers, currently climbing on Latok 1, called and reported having problems with Thuraya network. One of the phones they have in BC worked well, but the other could only receive one bar of satellite strength. Right now, Thuraya has released a report which explains the failures.

Attention! Thuraya Network Interference:

Due to an external source of interference, the Thuraya Network is experiencing temporary malfunctions in certain services since 17th of July 2006, the report reads. Thuraya technical team is working around the clock to find ways to mitigate this interference as the source of it is still unknown. The concerned quarters in the affected countries have been informed and Thuraya is coordinating with them to identify the source of this problem.

Please take into consideration the fact that Thuraya is a radio communication system that covers around 120 countries and although all kind of precautions are taken well in advance, sometimes an interfering source which is not even operating in the same frequency bands could cause interference to Thuraya services.

Lastly, we would like to assure you that Thuraya are taking all practicable measures to resolve this interference issue.

Thuraya Hughes Satellite handset with voice, data, SMS and voice mail covers most of Asia, Europe and Africa.

Damian and Willie Benegas are attempting to climb a new route, alpine style, on the north face of Latok 1, Karakorum. They use two thuraya sat-phone, RBGAN, PDA (altitude) and two laptops, in order to send live multimedia dispatches through Contact 3.0

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Live image over Contact 3.0 sent on Monday of Willie Benegas in Latok 1's BC, courtesy of the Benegas brothers / The North Face (click to enlarge).

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