K2 Japanese summit report: Young guns Yuka and Tatsuya summited Tuesday from the Cesen route!

Posted: Aug 03, 2006 01:37 pm EDT

(K2Climb.net) Two young members of the Japanese Tokai University team summited K2 on Tuesday, after climbing the Cesen route (SSE ridge). ExWeb got the report straight from Japan via email.

Young summiteers

Summiteers were (female) Yuka Komatsu (23), and Tatsuya Aoki (21). They reached the summit on August 1, at 4:50 pm, local time.

Yuka has become the first Japanese lady climber to summit K2, and Tatsuya is now the youngest K2 summiteer ever.

Team member evacuated

A third climber on the summit team had to turn back due to AMS three ours after setting off from BC. He is currently recovering at a hospital in Islamabad.

Yesterday, climbers in C3 reported on the Japanese being stuck in C4 due to whiteout conditions. According to the expeditions webmaster, the summiteers are currently on their way down back to BC. News on their exact whereabouts is expected soon.

Ed. correction: The "Tokai University K2 Expedition" is not organized by the Tokai Section of the JAC, as we originally published. This team has been launched by the Tokai University, located at Kanagawa in Japan. It comprises eight climbers led by Deriha Yoshitsugu.

The Cesen or Basque route on K2 follows the SSE spur, joining the Abruzzi Spur on the Shoulder.

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Yuka and Tatsuya would reach the summit on August 1. The third member on the team was evacuated with AMS symptoms. All images courtesy of the expedition's website.
As surprising as it may seem, Yuka's summit was not a question of luck or marketing. It was her will power and endurance that got her not just to the top, but a spot on the summit team in the first place. In the image, the three members of the summit team leaving BC. Image courtesy of Tokai University Alpine Club (click to enlarge).

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