Pakistan quake update: "How will it be when we're gone?"

Posted: Nov 15, 2005 05:39 pm EST

( Rutker and Thomas are working around the clock in their surgery tent. Now more than ever, an increasing number of patients are in need of some kind of operation.

The Alpinclub Sachsen medical team is paying close attention to children during post-op. We are now giving donated clothing directly to the children, making sure they fit well and checking during the following days that the kids are actually wearing them." But the task is never easy. In some cases, locals refuse to wear donated clothing that is different from their traditional dress.

How will it be when were gone?

The Germans are trying their best to teach patients and their families how to change bandages and keep wounds clean. The problem is the lack of hygiene and the ever present dust. The idea just doesnt let me sleep at night, reported Rutker. Whos gonna care for these people when were gone? Some of them will be well enough to make it on their own as long as we provided them with antibiotics. But many injured remain. I am sure these people wont go to hospital, since there is no public transport. The ones that do make it, come to us with their old, infected wounds because we are close to their homes about three to five hours walking distance.

Eight tents for 80 people

A few days ago the German team picked up some newly donated tents, mattresses and sleeping bags. They were given to a refugee-camp deeper in the valley, where about 80 people were crammed into only eight tents. On their way there, the earth shook again, but no one seemed to notice - until they reached the next village and saw the tremor had killed four more people.

"Then we passed by the ruins of the former valley hospital an indescribable destruction, Rutker would say. Later they spoke to other local and foreign volunteers providing aid in the area. These volunteers also confirmed seeing newly built roads being washed away by landslides.

Were in the right place

Until we return home, we will remain in Gibouri, because there are no other surgeons here were definitely in the right place to help, ensured the doctor.

How to help?

Alpinclub Sachsen team:

Mail if you want to help. Find also a bank account set up for donations to the project at

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Post (in the US - before November 18th):
The American Alpine Club
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Further information in the UK:
Contact Roland Hunter
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Climbers, trekkers and volunteers ready to help in Indian Kashmir or seeking further information, please contact ADEPT crew at:

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Alpine Club of Pakistan:

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Greg Mortenson's Central Asia Institute:

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Roads have been swept away by earthquakes and landslides. In the image, local villagers moving large boulders to clear the way at Karakorum Highway. Image courtesy of Alpinclub Sachsen medical aid team (click to enlarge).

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