South Asia quake wrap-up: Green light for ADEPT in Kashmir, Germans at work in Pakistan

Posted: Dec 15, 2005 05:13 pm EST

( Things are moving at last!, said ADEPTs director Dr. U. Gauthamadas. Doug Briton and Paula Castillo are landing in Srinagar this weekend. They will be meeting with Md. Ashraf, Col. Mangothra, and Dr. John Abraham of CMC Ludhiana or his representative, and myself, to set up the mountain training academy, train local guides, and arrange for mule packs to start taking medicines and trained personnel to provide first aid and carry out critically ill in the snow bound villages.

Wanna join the team?

All those who still want in on this project and have the training skills please send your CV IMMEDIATELY to with and a copy to so that trainers with appropriate skills may be selected, added Dr. Gauthamadas.

Those who qualify must be:

- Competent winter instructors.
- Free to come to India before the end of December (early January as an acceptable second best).
- Able to stay at least 2 weeks (preferably longer).
- Able to fund their own airfare.

Germans: Bergwacht!

The Alpinclub Shachen team, along with the Doctor and the Swiss mountain rangers, spent yesterday checking out the effects of the latest aftershock in Sakargah. The road and some buildings are in pretty bad conditions. Luckily though, snow has not yet covered the place right now, only the north side of the mountain is blanketed in white.

The team was greeted by the entire village. Children were especially happy to see them many of them recognized Jens from his previous trip, and greeted him at the call of Bergwacht! (in German, mountain ranger).

Alpinclub Sachsen team members, who launched an expedition on Nanga Parbat in 2004, were among the first in the clmibing community to react after a major earthquake hit Pakistan and Indian Kashmir on October 8th. Joining forces with Swiss mountain rescuers, within weeks, Christian Walter and Jens Sommerfeld traveled to Northern Pakistan to provide first aid. Upon their return, Christian Walter launched a second team, this time focusing on medical assistance and surgery. The second team's members were Dr. Rutker Stellke and assistant Thomas Mecklenburg.

Now a third team is on the way to provide further medical assistance and some training in the use of donated items and safety rules for local families to endure the winter.

Leading the third group was veteran Jens Sommerfeld, member of the first two-man aid team, who provided first aid during the initial weeks after the October 8th earthquake struck Northern Pakistan. Completing the team are club-mate Michael Jürgens, Dr. Thomas Gündel from Frankfurt, Bernd Zschätzsch a climber from Dresdner collaborating as member of relief organization noVa, and two Swiss mountain rangers.

How to help Alpinclub Sachsen team:

Mail if you want to help. Find also a bank account set up for donations to the project at

Alpinclub Sachsen e.V.
Donation account Pakistan
Account Holder: Alpinclub Sachsen e.V.
Account Number: 030 866 28 02
BLZ 850 800 00
Dresdner Bank AG IBAN DE39 850 800 00

ADEPT is the Academy for Disaster Management Education, Planning and Training. A relief project organized by the National Lutheran Health & Medical Board, ADEPT works on several aid projects - including providing quake-affected areas of Indian Kashmir with shelters and medical assistance.

The upcoming winter makes it impossible for doctors to reach isolated mountain areas. Looking for creative solutions, ADEPT approached ExWeb to ask for volunteers among climbers world-wide. The plan is to organize the climbers into teams who will support villages at regular intervals in order to provide necessary resupplies and also to assist the mobility of medical personnel in mountainous terrain and cold weather. Up to now,
more than 50 climbers from different countries have volunteered.

Climbers, trekkers and volunteers ready to help in Indian Kashmir or seeking further information, please contact ADEPT crew at:

Academy for Disaster Management Education Planning & Training
#403, 4th Floor, 'B' Block, Prince Gardens
40 Thambusamy Road, Kilpauk
Chennai 600010 - India
Tel: 52602403(D), 52602407
Fax: 52602404

The North Face has set up a four member team of sponsored athletes led by Willie Benegas, that includes Renan Ozturk, Cedar Wright and Patrick Kenny, to travel to the Kashmir region in order to survey damage, assess avalanche danger to relief camps, and deliver gear to the hardest hit villages. Benegas, a member of The North Face athlete team for 7 years, has frequented this region since 1993.

Help through Global Giving at:

#Mountaineering #Mountaineering

Life goes on after the disaster - but conditions are getting tougher. In the image, Indian Kashmiri children attend class in the open, after the village's school was reduced to a pile of rubble. Live image over Contact 3.0 courtesy of TNF (click to enlarge).
The third team from Alpin Club Sachsen is at work in Besham and nearby villages, northern Pakistan. In the image, Jens Sommerfeld, Michael Jürgens, and Dr. Thomas Gündel. Image courtesy of Alpinclub Sachsen (click to enlarge).

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