Lhotse: Asian Trekking team summit Sherpani Pemba Doma lost on descent

Posted: May 22, 2007 01:55 pm EDT

(MountEverest.net) Australian Blair Falahey and Sherpas Palden Namgyal, Nawang Tenzing, and Pemba Doma (female) summited Lhotse yesterday, reports the Kathmandu-based outfitting company Asian Trekking. Falahey topped out one hour after the Sherpa climbers. Sadly, Pemba Doma fell to her death on the way down.

Snow tigress

The female climber, born in Solokhumbu district, had to fight her way much harder than her male colleagues, in order to get a place among high altitude Sherpas working for foreign expeditions. In 2000, she became the first Nepalese woman to summit Everest from its Tibetan side, reports Sudeshna Sarkar in the New Kerala. Two years later she summited Everest again, this time from Nepal.

Pemba Doma had been awarded for her contribution to mountaineering by Nepals late king, Birendra. In addition to working with international expeditions (she spoke nine languages) she eventually managed to establish her own trekking agency together with her husband, and funded a charity organization, Save the Himalayan Kingdom.

Further casualties not confirmed

Dan Mazur, also leading a team on Lhotse, reported on the accident yesterday from C3. Dan mentioned there could be a second Sherpa involved in the accident. The news report in New Kerala stated two other Sherpas were killed, the names not being released yet.

Asian Trekking has confirmed that the body of the perished Sherpani was later retrieved from the peak.

Pemba Doma was the first Nepalese woman to summit Everest from the north side and one of the few females who have scaled the mountain twice, most recently as part of the 2002 Nepalese women Expedition (South Face).

Raised by her grandparents after losing her mother at the age of two, Pemba Doma was educated at the Khumjung School , one of the schools established by Edmund Hillary. Pemba spoke nine languages, ran her own trekking company, and raised money for her non profit group, Save the Himalayan Kingdom, which educates Nepalese children.

Pemba perished after summiting Lhotse on May 21, 2007.


Sherpani Pema Doma fell to her death after summiting Lhotse yesterday. In 2000 she became the first Nepali woman to summit Everest from the north side. Image of Pema on Everest in 2000 courtesy of her website, background image of the Lhotse face at night courtesy of Al Hancock (click to enlarge).