K2 update: Abruzzi climbers down - Cesen climbers up!

Posted: Jul 31, 2007 06:48 am EDT

(K2Climb.net/Madrid) Thick fog has prevented Austrians Gerfried Goeschl and Kilian Volken; Italians Marco and Simone, and Polish climber Jacek Teler from attempting K2's summit all the way from C3, as they planned yesterday. But the Cesen climbers did make it to C4 and may be going for the top right now!

Abruzzi retreat; Gerlinde & Co. in C4 - going for the top!

Gerfriend, Kilian and Simone, who had been joined by Teler yesterday in C3, were confident they could try to gain the 1,300 meters of altitude in just one day and reach the summit from C3 last night, conditions permitting. However, the fog has not cleared up. The climbers are returning to BC today.

Italian Marco made an attempt to depart C3, but retreated soon afterwards, according to his team in BC.

Also according to the Italian team led by Giuseppe Pompili, Gerlinde and other climbers progressing up the Cesen route reached C4 yesterday, willing to attempt the summit today. News is expected soon on their progress.

Update on Austrians on Broad Peak

News is also expected from Gerfried's team mates currently on Broad Peak. Günther Unterberger, Ronald Newerkla, Louis Rousseau and Karl Fanta delayed their summit push from C3 yesterday, but may give it another try today.

Update on Italians on GI

"We're staying put in C3," just reported Mario Merelli. "The wind is to strong to attempt the summit."

"However, weather forecasts announce better conditions for mid-week - there are more climbers around us, all of them waiting for a chance to go out and summit."

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Gerfried Goeschl (lower image) and Kilian Volken; Italians Marco and Simone, and Polish climber Jacek Teler are on their way up on the Abruzzi Spur. Gerlinde (upper image) and other Cesen route climbers reached C4 yesterday and may be on their way to the top. Images courtesy of Gerlinde and Gerfried (click to enlarge).

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