2006 K-2 Expedition to prove that "Pakistan climbers are second to none!"

Posted: Mar 06, 2006 06:05 am EST

Qudrat Ali (Chief Executive of SAMTL) is announcing the Shams Alpine Pakistan K-2 Expedition 2006, organized by Shams Alpine Mountaineering and trekking (Pvt) Ltd (SAMTL), formed by a team of young mountaineers and High Altitude porters from Shimshal, also known as the Valley of Mountaineers.

"It is the first time in Pakistans mountaineering history that SAMTL is organizing a local expedition to K-2. We will prove that mountaineers from northern Pakistan are second to none and have the capability to accept all challenges and bring laurels to the country in the field of mountaineering," reads the email.

Qudrat Ali: Ralf is a close friend

Expedition leader Qudrat Ali (Chief Executive of SAMTL) has summited four out of the five 8000ers in Pakistan. Qudrat was born in 1969 in Shimshal valley, and became the youngest mountaineer there when he scaled Mingligh Sar (6000m) at the age of 20.

In 1998, he joined a French expedition to Gasherbrum-II (8035m) but failed the summit. His luck turned in 1999, with an Amical Alpine expedition to Broad Peak (8047m). Quadrat made the summit and became a long time friend of the expedition leader - Ralf Dujmovits who included him in every expedition up to 2004. Quadrat scaled G-II (8035m) in 2000, Nanga Parbat (8125m) in 2001, G-II again in 2003, and G-I (8068m) in 2004.

In 2000, Quadrat also tried his luck on Manaslu (8163m) in Nepal but was forced to return back from 7,700m due to "unavoidable circumstances".

Quadrat was awarded in 2004 by the Government of Pakistan for his summit of Nanga Parbat, and in 2005 for best performance in climbing 2004-2005 during the Mountain Festival in Islamabad.

K2 summiteer Shaheen Baig

The second Pakistani climber on the 2006 K2 expedition is K2 summiteer Shaheen Baig (Director (SAMTL) born in Shimshal in 1972.

Shaheen summited K-2 on July 28, 2004 with a Spanish team during the Golden Jubilee celebrations. He also summited G2 in 2001, and attempted Nanga Parbat with a joint Pakistan-Japanese expedition as deputy leader in 2002 but could not make it to the summit due to inclement weather. He also made an unsuccessful attempt on Broad peak in 2002.

Shaheen summited Mustagata (7546m) in China in 1997. He explored a new route on Kunyang Chhish (7852m) in 2003 with a Japanese team and another new route on Summari (7286m) in 2005 (no summits). Shaheen has in addition scaled about nine 7,000ers in Pakistan.

Shaheen Baig was awarded for scaling K-2 during the Mountain Festival in Islamabad in 2005, and received the K-2 and Nanga Parbat Golden Jubilee shield.

Shams Alpine has been facilitating and organizing mountaineering activities and expeditions since its inception in 2004. Qudrat Ali, the youngest mountaineer and summiteers of four out of the five over 8000ers in Pakistan and Shaheen Baig, the summiteers of K-2 have been personally supervising these expeditions.

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Expedition leader Qudrat Ali, 36, (right) has summited four out of the five 8000ers in Pakistan. Shaheen Baig, 33, (left) summited K-2 on July 28, 2004 with a Spanish team. Image courtesy of the expedition compiled by ExplorersWeb.