K2 West Face climbers at home with Pakistan's Prime Minister - and back for K2 in winter!

Posted: Sep 10, 2007 04:05 am EDT

(K2climb.net) The Russian K2 West Face team left Pakistan this weekend, after their Sept 6 debrief in Islamabad - and a Sept 7 visit to the Prime Minister's residence, Lena from RussianClimb reported.

In addition, Victor Kozlov told ExWeb's correspondent Karrar Haidri that the guys plan to return for K2 - but in winter next time!

"It was a steep climb"

"It was a steep climb" Victor commented the West Face expedition. He thanked the 15 Pakistanis who helped the expedition, the Government of Pakistan, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Interior, all the friendly locals - and gave special thanks to expedition outfitter Ashraf Aman (ATP).

Come hell or fire - nothing could stop the Russians. August 20 at 12:50 p.m., local time, cutting through an inferno of red clouds - Vadim Popovich and Everest North Wall summiteer Andrew Mariev delivered a much deserved victory to the K2 West Face team.

A new route, for the first time in 10 years, was a fact on the Mountaineers' Mountain and only 2 faces (The East and the North) now remain unclimbed.

The West Face was finally completed - by the world's most accomplished high altitude mountaineering team - after months of relentless work through storms and whiteout, extended stays in the death zone without supplementary O2, and technical difficulties up to the very top.

In the days that followed, one by one, the nine climbers who had held in C6 and C7 behind the two first summiteers, also reached the top. That included Shabaline - who lost toes and fingers to frostbite on Khan Tengri's north face two years back - and the three Jannu climbers who had a marathon stay high up in the deathzone on the first summit attempt just one week earlier. By Friday, all climbers were safe back in BC.

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Clean-shaved! Team at the Prime Minister's residence. Image courtesy of RussianClimb (click to enlarge).
Team getting their certificate at ACP. (Image courtesy of RussianClimb (click to enlarge).
The proof! Image courtesy of RussianClimb (click to enlarge).
Debrief at ACP and more certs. Image courtesy of RussianClimb (click to enlarge).
The team at dinner. Image courtesy of Karrar Haidri, ExWeb Pakistan (click to enlarge).
The team at the airport. Image courtesy of Karrar Haidri, ExWeb Pakistan (click to enlarge).

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