Fitz Roy newsflash: New lines and Camilo Lopez summit

Posted: Jan 23, 2008 04:55 am EST

( Rolando Garibotti and Bean Bowers made a new line on the West Face of the North Pillar (no summit) on Fitz Roy.

Aymeric Clouet and Christophe Dumarest (a.k.a ACDC) did Supercanaleta and are out for more. They spent 6/7 hours for the canaleta and had a hard time on the arête because of bad weather and snow on the rock. has an interview (in French) with ACDC and also pics of the climbers.

Camilo Lopez reports he summited Fitz Roy on January 15, in a 24 hour single push along with three other climbers.

In November, Ermanno Salvaterra, Alessandro Beltrami, Mirko Masè and Fabio Salvadei accomplished a traverse of Cerro Standhardt, Punta Herron and Torre Egger in the Cerro Torre group in Patagonia.

The Italian mountaineers however turned back from their attempt of summiting Cerro Torre when they reached the Col of Conquest due to the high risk of avalanches.

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Image of Camilo Lopez on Fitz Roy last week (click to enlarge).