"Ego-tripping explorers like a bad rash" - Dutch comment to BBC Nangpa La documentary

Posted: Nov 11, 2008 07:14 pm EST

Yesterday, crew ExWeb's mailboxes were suddenly littered again by the trademark Chinese spam we grew so accustomed to this past spring. "But we haven't written anything about Tibet today?" we pondered, a bit puzzled.

Soon, an explanation arrived. A link to a BBC documentary that apparently just aired. Here goes an email to ExWeb today, with a comment by a Dutch viewer who watched the film:

"I had seen the images in the run-up to the Beijing Olympics but last night the full version documentary was on BBC television."

"Of course it is sickening what the Chinese government does in Tibet, and there should be no doubt about my stand on this topic. But what never ceases to shock me is the selfish attitude athletes and in this case mountaineers have when it comes to their own goals."

"That the Chinese border patrols shoot Tibetans trying to flee to Nepal should not come as a surprise to us. But the naïve lack of awareness is disturbing."

"Even more so when people who have been witness to these killings start to quarrel about whether to make these images and facts known to the public at large. 'I could loose my permit' is their defense."

"You should not even want to be on Everest, leaving aside the notion that the damage to places like Everest is outrageous. The trash and waste left behind shows a complete lack respect for the environment, as do the ridiculous numbers of 'explorers' being all-over the mountain like a bad rash."

"Praise to the Romanian cameraman and the American who understood where one should stand, and shame to those that doubt if their presence on Everest or other expeditions in the future is in danger. Compared to the danger the Tibetans face day by day out such hesitations and are exemplary for aforementioned ego-tripping."

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But no bigger than these guys. Alberto's vision reminded us that decisisons and actions for democracy and human rights are far more self-evident in the light of history than our own, present time. 2008 photo from Dharamsala refugee camp of Nangpa La survivors courtesy of Mark Gouli (standing in back) click to enlarge.

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