South Korea update: about dark horses and Miss Oh

Posted: May 07, 2009 06:09 pm EDT

( "Makalu/Kangchen double for Korean dark horse?" Last week word on Makalu was that a 12-member Korean team was fixing the entire route and breaking trail for a female team member.

She has not left BC yet. Once the route is ready, shell just go all the way to the top, while a chopper waits in BC, ready to airlift her to Kangchenjunga," the Basques reported. "Another Korean team is currently working for the lady on Kanchen, so she can go for another summit push right after arrival in BC, with everything fixed for her."

Guesses were that she was Oh Eun-Sun, hoping to bag the 14x8000ers in record time; turns out the dark horse was Go Mi-Sun - and she summited Makalu on May 1st, together with three mates.

Korean Jingun Chung wrote to ExWeb with the clarification: "Miss Oh has been on Kangchen waiting for good weather condition. Miss Go is now joining her team after topping out Makalu," Jingun stated.

Miss Oh

Miss Oh Eun Sun in turn reached the top of Kangchen today (local) according to Edurne Pasaban. Oh was climbing on O2 and heavily supported by a huge team," Edurne said. "However, we are slightly concerned about her: I wouldn´t like to be in her shoes, descending in these conditions.

The Spanish team planned to be on alert all night, in case they were needed to help the Korean down.

Korean lady ace climber Oh Eun-Sun is vital to the current race for the first woman to climb all 14, 8000ers. Before Kangchenjunga, Oh claimed to have summited nine main 8000ers so far.

Says ExWeb's contributing statistician Rodrigo Granzotto Peron: "I was told by a S Korean fellow that Oh Eun-Sun claims a summit on Shishapangma in 2006 by the SW Face. If so, she summited 7x8000ers in 24 months. The record is Carlos Carsolio, with 7x8000ers in 15 months."

As for summiting all 14 "in a record time" Peron notes: "Her first 8000er was G2 in 1997 so she has already spent almost 12 years in the race. Jerzy Kukuczka holds this record, with less than 8 years (7 years and 11 months). And even the other girls, Edurne (started in 2001), Gerlinde (in 1998) and Nives (in 1998) would end in less time than Oh."

The three girls all have 11, 8000ers each. Following her recent summit, Oh still needs Dhaulagiri, Nanga Parbat, Annapurna and Gasherbrum 1. Some of her previous summits are yet to be confirmed though: "If not she may end the race in the same situation of Fausto De Stefani, Lodue and Alan Hinkes, with unrecognized conquests," notes Rodrigo Granzotto Peron.

Kangchenjunga marked the third ascent for South Korea in Himalaya this season. Kim Chang Ho and Seo Sung Ho summitted Manaslu late April with Joao Garcia. Manaslu marked the 8th 8000 meter summit for Kim.


With Dhaulagiri today, Kim Chang and Seo Sung Ho (main and left insert) of South Korea managed their second 8000 meter ascent this season after their successful ascent of Manaslu on 28 April. Image courtesy f Windhorse Trekking.
Dark horse Go Mi-Sun (left) summited Makalu on May 1st, together with Kim Jae Soo (right). She is currently on a Kangchenjunga summit push. Images courtesy of Windhorse Trekking (click to enlarge).