Pakistan wrap-up: BP summit push, Serap Jangbu for his 12th and 13th

Posted: Jun 09, 2009 03:36 pm EDT

( Off to the summit six days at the most, read an SMS from Ludo Giambasi yesterday. Ludo, Eli and Antoine brought along their satphone so stay tuned for further reports from the Broad Peak summit push.

Serap Jangbu Sherpa's 14x8000ers climbing plan

Climbing with Philippe Gatta and sharing Altitude Junkies logistic, Nepalese Serap Jangbu Sherpa is back in Pakistan hoping to become the first Sherpa 14x8000er summiteer.

With 11 8000+meter summits bagged, Serap is now heading for Broad Peak and GI. Should he succeed, he would have only Nanga Parbat to go a goal he plans to attempt in 2010, according to ExWeb correspondent in Islamabad Karrar Haidri.

I am the first Nepali climber to summit all 8000+ meters peaks in Nepal, Serap told Karrar. I am also the first Nepali citizen to summit K2, which I climbed back in 2000.

FTA's guides on the field

Good to be back in Islamabad again, Fabrizio Zangrilli reported. Chris - the leader of the Broad Peak section of the Field Touring double header, and I hung out sorting gear, dealing with some logistics and chatting to Altitude Junkies Phil Crampton in the hotel lobby, as other climbers filtered in and out all day. Team members start arriving tonight, so all is on track.

"Chris [Szymiec] is flying to Skardu tomorrow Inshallah - in order to check and arrange the expedition gear. The rest of the team will arrive between the 10th -12th, FTA's leader Chris reported. The current political situation as reported by the western media has made a significant dent in the trekking and climbing industry this year, he added. Despite this, Pakistan remains a wonderful country filled with the most interesting and friendly people i have met in all of my travels.

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Serap Jangbu Sherpa, going for GI + Broad Peak this season. Image of Serap at PAC's HQ in Islamabad by ExWeb correspondent Karrar Haidri (click to enlarge).
Phil Crampton, Serap and Field Touring at PAC's HQ in Islamabad. Image by ExWeb correspondent Karrar Haidri (click to enlarge).

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