Annapurna heads-up, update: Miss Oh in camp 4,rescue underway

Posted: Apr 27, 2010 11:51 pm EDT

(ExWeb/Madrid. Update Apr18, 0.20 am US Mountain time) Romanian Horia Colibasanu just called home from C4. "I am waiting for the helicopter to arrive - if they can't take Tolo out, I'll go up for him," he stated.

Ed. note: Horia, one of the earliest summiteers, is apparently still feeling strong - and involved in a rescue again. In his previous attempt on Anna two years ago, he stayed with his dying climbing mate Iñaki Ochoa in C4 (at 7,400m, south side) for days, trying to keep him alive at all cost.

Horia noted that Tolo is sick and alone at 7,600m. (500 vertical meters above C4 tents).

Meanwhile, Drs. Morandeira and M. Antonia Nerín plus Carlos Pauner mate Javier Perez are coordinating the rescue labors to help down climbers from C4.

According to Nick Rice, Martin Ramos and Jorge Egocheaga are back in BC. Jorge might fly in the rescue chopper back to the upper slopes.

Mr. Yong-Hak Park, a staff member of Black Yak in Annapurna BC, wrote to ExWeb's Korea correspondent Kyu Dam Lee that Eun-Sun Oh arrived C4 at 9:30 pm (local time).

Juanito and Carlos arrived there around midnight. The Korean source also stated that a Spanish climber, unable to move about 6 hours below summit was forced to bivouac. His sherpa eventually climbed down to camp 4 and asked Miss Oh for help. Eun-Sun persuaded her sherpas to rescue the climber. The effort might delay the team's descent to BC. The Korean climbing team consists of Eun-Sun Oh (climbing leader) 2 KBS camera men (Mr. Ha-Young Jung and Mr. Kwan-Joo Nha) and 3 sherpa.

While details are still sketchy, Horia reported that there are no sherpas currently helping Tolo.

Nick Rice reported from BC at 10.45 pm local time Monday that Kinga, Horia, Piotr, Peter, Evgheny and Serguey had all reached camp 4. Jorge and Martin were in Camp II. ExplorersWeb learned that Juanito and Carlos Pauner reached C4 some time later, exhausted. At the time, they reported that Tolo was being helped by his personal Sherpa.

Some of the descending climbers suffer various injuries such as HACE and frostbite.

Earlier reports

In an earlier report Tuesday, Javier Perez, a member in Carlos Pauner team, reported at 9:00pm, local time, that a large number of head-lamps could be seen slowly going down towards C4. "Juanito and Carlos are behind the Korean team," he told Pauner home team crew.

Serguey Bogomolov called his wife and noted they were between C4 and C3. The Russians planned to spend the night in C3.

Earlier summiteers Jorge Egocheaga and Martin Ramos checked in with BC in the afternoon from some point between C3 and C2. While confirmation is still expected, Romanian Horia Colibasanu is probably safe in a higher camp - he was interviewed by a local radio reportedly at 7,000m.

Waiting in BC are American Nick Rice (injured in the head by a falling ice chunk some days ago), Javier Perez (who aborted his attempt due to gear failure), Doctors Ramón Morandeira and MAntonia Nerín, and the Korean TV crew, plus BC staffs.

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