Annapurna update: situation desperate for stranded climber

Posted: Apr 28, 2010 07:54 pm EDT

Spanish Tolo Calafat remains sick and stranded at 7,600m on Annapurna. Unable to descend, Tolo was placed i a bivouac by his Sherpa Sonam. Sonam climbed down to C4 (7,200 m) and then back up carrying a sleeping bag, food, a stove and an O2 bottle for Tolo.

A B3 rescue chopper was unable to help due to thick fog on the mountain. Romanian Horia Colibasanu, waiting in C4, said he would stay to go up to Tolo should the heli fail to fly tomorrow as well. The wind has decreased but clouds have rolled in. A large avalanche yesterday might in addition have affected the route between C3 and C2. MD Jorge Egocheaga, who returned to BC earlier today, planned to climb back up to C4 tomorrow with more oxygen and medicines.

Juanito Oiarzabal remains in C4 with Carlos Pauner and their sherpas. Juanito told Spanish media that, "the situation is desperate. Tolo has to spend another night in the open, although a Sherpa went out carrying an O2 bottle and a tent."

According to Nick Rice, the Korean team is in C1. A fresh team of Korean Sherpas leaving C2 to aid in the rescue reportedly turned back after a few hundred meters. Statements that Miss Oh persuaded her sherpas in C4 to help in the rescue were rejected by Juanito today who said that the sherpas refused to help in spite of being offered a lot of money.

Nick Rice also reported that Kinga Baranowska (Poland) is in C1. Piotr (Poland) and Peter (Slovakia) are in Camp II for the night as are the Russians.

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In spite of plenty of resources in BC including a TV set-up (insert right) Spanish Tolo Calafat (insert left) remains sick and stranded at 7,600m on Annapurna. Image compiled by ExplorersWeb over file image of Annapurna by Kinga Baranowska.
Image by Kinga Baranowska, ExplorersWeb

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