Everest heads-up: Peak Freaks members summit - back in C2

Posted: May 07, 2010 11:17 am EDT

(ExWeb/Madrid) "We just received confirmation that Canadian climber Lucille de Beaudrap reached the summit just after 06:00hrs May 7, 2010 (Nepal Time) with her Personal Sherpa Tshering Sherpa," Peak Freaks reported earlier today. "With her is her friend Domhnall O'Doughartaigh and his accompanying Sherpa climber."

"They are on their way down and sherpa support is on their way up to the south col should they need assistance."

In a later update at 11:30am, Nepal Time, Peak Freaks team stated: "Lucille is now below the Balcony out of the wind and is very tired. Just a bit more for them to go then she can crawl inside her tent, get hydrated and some much needed rest."

Tracking system down

Lucille position could be followed live by a spot track on display on PF website earlier today; but connection was broken before she topped-out.

Update 10.00am, DMT: Back in C2

"Lucille is now at Camp 2 and feeling good," a very tired Tim just told his home team. "She is with Ta Loeffler who is also currently at C2. Lucille said she wants to come down to BC tomorrow and Tim asked that she just gets a good sleep for now and they will talk about it in the morning."

"She sounded excellent, in good spirits, and confirmed for me that all ten fingers and ten toes are all OK," Lucille'S husband Ted reported. "She did not know her Spot was off, and will send an OK message soon."

Canadian Lucille de Beaudrap has run two marathons. "For Everest, I have spent as much time in the mountains as I can over the past 4-5 years, learning as much as I can from anyone willing to teach me," she stated in her profile on PF website.


Lucille was among the first Everest summiteers in 2010.
courtesy Peak Freaks, SOURCE