Everest: Sunday summits - updated!

Posted: May 23, 2010 06:25 am EDT

(ExWeb/Madrid) Nearly 50 climbers have topped-out Everest from the south side, according to the day's first reports. An even larger amount of people planned to set off from C3 on the north side yesterday: there is summit news from Tibet too. Teams on both sides reported on increasing winds through the late morning-afternoon.

Check for updates through the day.

Everest south side - Lhotse

Peak Freaks team member Fergus White reached Everest summit at 7:00am, Nepal Time. Yivmaz Sevgul from Turkey, Angel Armesto from Argentina and Australian Greg Yack followed at 08:15am, Nepal Time; Turkish Nasuh Mahruki was about half an hour behind.

Patagonian Brothers Damian and Willie Benegas have also bagged a 100% success. Damian reported from the summit at 8.23am, local time. He was together with Ramon, Topo, Charly, Kuni, Alvar, Willie, and Andrea - as well as Sherpas Lakpa, Tulsing, Gyalgen, Rinji, and Phurba Gyalgen. Team member Sean was not far behind as they reported.

Mountain Trip member Bill started a happy report over sat-phone, with today's date and the words "hey, this is Everest..." and then the line went dead. Further news is expected soon.

International Mountain Guides has put 30 team members on top of Everest. Among them, American Michael Aaron Hamill bagged his fourth Everest summit. Check the team's complete summiteers list below.

Fellow American Brook Adam Mancinelli has topped-out Lhotse, together with two Sherpas.

IMG Director Eric Simonson stated from Seattle that the climbers summited in great conditions and not too much wind high up.

IMG Everest summiteers list:

Mr. Karel Masek of Czech Republic
Mr. Bryan Keith Chapman of USA
Mr. Choong Luen Lein of Singapore
Mr. Mayk Ulrich Schega of Germany
Mr. Sandhosh Kumar Sankaran of Singapore
Mr. Theodore Fairhurst of Canada
Mr. Timothy Brian Igo of USA
Mr. Chien Min Wang of Taiwan
Mr. Michael Allen Boaz of USA
Mr. Gregory Vernovage of USA
Mr. Adolphus Gordon Hancock of Canada
Mr. Louis Carstens of South Africa
Mr. Michael Aaron Hamill of USA (this is his 4th Everest summit)
Mr. Jason Van Dalen of USA
Mr. Eben Fleming Reckord of USA
Mr. Karma Rita Sherpa of Khunjung VDC, Phortse, Solukhumbu Nepal (this is his 5th Everest summit)
Mr. Dorje Lama of Baganje Solu Khumbu (this is his 4th Everest summit)
Mr. Jamling Bhote of Sankhuwasava, Nepal (this is his 5th Everest summit)
Mr. Mr. Phinjo Dorje Sherpa of Khumjung VDC Pangboche, Solukhumbu, Nepal (this is his 4th Everest summit)
Mr. Kalden Phura Sherpa of Khumjung VDC Pangboche, Solukhumbu, Nepal
Mr. Mingma Dorje Sherpa of Khumjung VDC Phortse, Solukhumbu, Nepal (this is his 7th Everest summit)
Mr. Kancha Nuru Sherpa of Khumjung VDC Pangboche Solukhumbu, Nepal (this is his 2nd Everest summit)
Mr. Phinjo Sherpa of Khumjung VDC Phortse Solukhumbu, Nepal (this is his 6th Everest summit)
Mr. Kancha Nuru Sherpa of Khumjung VDC Phortse Solukhumbu, Nepal (this is his 3rd Everest summit)
Mr. Pasang Rinji Sherpa of Khumjung VDC phortse Solukhumbum Nepal (this is his 4th Everest summit)
Mr. Da Sonam Sherpa of Khumjung VDC Pangboche Solukhumbu, Nepal (this is his 10th Everest summit)
Mr. Tseten Dorje Sherpa of Khumjung VDC Pangboche Solukhumbu, Nepal
Mr. Pasang Nuru Sherpa of Khumjung VDC Phortse Solukhumbu, Nepal (this is his 2nd Everest summit)
Mr. Karma Gyalzen Sherpa of Khumjung VDC Phortse Solukhumbu, Nepal
Mr. Pasang Sherpa of Salleri Solukhumbu, Nepal (this is his 2nd Everest summit)

IMG Lhotse summiteers:

Mr. Brook Adam Mancinelli of USA
Mr. Chewang Lendu Sherpa of Khumjung VDC Phortse Solukhumbu, Nepal (this is his 4th Lhotse summit)
Mr. Gyalzen Dorje Sherpa of Khumjung VDC Phorste Solukhumbu, Nepal (this is his 2nd Lhoste summit)

Everest north side

Alex Abramov reported on about 100 climbers ready in C3 (8,300m) and ready to go up. "In such situation, to take turns at fixed ropes could be a major obstacle for success," Abramov said. "Therefore, our first group decided to set off everyone else; at 9:30 pm., before it got dark."(Ed. note: Abramov is apparently following Chinese time).

7-Summits Club first group is led by Irish Noel Hanna and includes Russians Andrey Filkov, Vadim Nadvodnyuk, Mikhail Turovsky; British Steve Berry and American James Wilde.

Bill Burke turned around at the Second Step yesterday.

Update 8:30 EST:

Adventures Global summit team members were dealing with increasing winds in the afternoon, while on their way back from the top.

"Darren, Pete and Steve have summitted and will wait with Ronnie at the South Col camp for Sandy and Brad who will make their summit bid this evening (leaving at 7pm Nepal time)," their home team reported. "The wind is quite strong at the moment."

"Khalid Sulaiman Alsiyabi is the first Omani to summit Mount Everest at 12:30pm (Nepal Time) May 23rd," Peak Freaks reported. "Everyone is safely making their way down. Some members will go to Camp 4 while others will move to Camp 3 to get out of the wind.

Jagged-Globe put three more members on top: Tim, Robert (guide) and Mike, between 6.30 and 8.30 in the morning, local time. Jeremy turned back at the Balcony. The team reported on slow going and bottlenecks due to crowds. They all spent the night back in C4 and planned to reach C2 today.

On Everest north side 7 Summits Club team members started reaching the top at 6:00 am. Summiteers are: Noel Hanna (guide, Ireland), Steve Berry (UK), James Wilde (USA), Mikhail Turovsky (Russia, Pyatigorsk), Andrey Filkov (Russia, Moscow), Sirdar of the expedition Mingma Gelu and four other Sherpas.

"Total - 10 people! Unfortunately Vadim Nadvodnyuk was forced to turn before reaching the summit because of problems with his eyes," Alex Abramov reported.

"Climbers are back in different camps," Abramov added. "Our second group is gearing up for a summit push in C3. Unfortunately, weather conditions are currently deterioration, but they may improve through the night."

Update 12:06pm EST: Alfredo Garcia, from Spanish La Rioja expedition is setting off from C3 (north side) toward the top tonight. "Alfredo will climb together with Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and Ralf Dujmovits," his home team just reported.

Gerl and Ralf, who reached the North Col from Odell route, are climbing without supplementary O2. Alfredo team has just confirmed that he is finally using bottled gas.

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Disabled climber Nelson Cardona, from Colombia, on Everest summit, May 17th.
courtesy Expedicion Epopeya Everest sin Limites 2010, SOURCE
Everest upper slopes and the South Col as seen from Lhotse summit.
Image by Greg Vernovage courtesy Greg Vernovage / IMG, SOURCE