Everest update: Monday south side summits

Posted: May 24, 2010 09:14 am EDT

(ExWeb/Madrid) There is further summit news from Everest south side. On the third day of the current summit wave, teams are describing rather tough conditions.

Alpine Ascents reported summits "through very taxing conditions."

"The first group arrived at the summit at 8:10am this morning: Lakpa, Garrett, Vanessa, Alison, Chewang Nima, Fura Kancha, and Dorjee," AA home team stated. "They were followed shortly after at 8:20 by Michael Horst with Victor, Jack, Thapkee, and Mingma. The last group of Vern, Mike Kraft, Don, Da Nuru, and Ang Passang arrived at 8:50."

"According to Joey's description, it has been snowing heavily between Base Camp and Camp 2 for most of the night," AA crew added.

AA summiteers are safely back in C4.

"John, Ryan, Lei, Mike, Justin and their four sherpas have summited and are now on the way down to the Col," IMG's Eric Simonson reported. "Robert, Chris, and Peter turned back near the Balcony."

"The climbers who summited yesterday and spent the night on the Col are also making their way down to Camp 2. The weather up high on Everest has been light winds with some clouds and a few flakes. Down lower there was more snowfall overnight."

Here are the names of the IMG summiteers:

Mr. Michael Earl Chapman of USA
Mr. John Stephen Dahlem of USA
Mr. Ryan Steven Dahlem of USA
Ms. Lei Wang of USA
Mr. Justin Reese Merle of USA (this is his 4th Everest summit)
Mr. Samduk Dorje Tamaang of Khumjung VDC Pangboche Solukhumbu, Nepal (this is his 5th Everest summit)
Mr. Danuru Sherpa (I) of Khumjung VDC Phortse Solukhumbu, Nepal (this is his 10th Everest summit)
Mr. Danuru Sherpa (II) of Khumjung VDC Phortse Solukhumbu, Nepal (this is his 12th Everest summit)
Mr. Datenji Sherpa of Khumjung VDC Phortse Solukhumbu, Nepal (this is his 6th Everest summit)

RMI member Michael Brown called at 1:45am, local time, from the South Col and reported the following: "It's a very blustery snowy night and we've made a decision to wait another day so we'll be here 24 hours more."

News is expected from Altitude Junkies team. However, Finnish member Anne Mari Hyrylainen summited yesterday along with team mate Jussi, the expedition website states. Both checked in once safely back in C4 yesterday. The expedition will be in C2 today.

Simone Moro has also reported a summit debrief right after arriving back in BC (check pics illustrating this story):

"After only 48 hours of climb, I stood on the summit of Everest, May 22," Simone wrote. "I had planned on a no oxygen climb but it proved impossible due to cold."

"At 8500 meters I lost the sensibility of my feet and hands," Simone explained. "In order to avoid dramatic frostbites I decided to use oxygen for the last 300 meters. At 6:25 I arrived on the summit and enjoyed the moment for the 4th time. Probably I will go back for the fifth time to attempt a no oxygen climb - but Im happy also for this climb."

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Simone Moro on everest summit.
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Climbers on the Hillary Step.
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