Season's first 8000er SUMMIT: Polish Hajzer and Szymczak top-out Nanga Parbat!

Posted: Jun 24, 2010 10:21 am EDT

(ExplorersWeb/Madrid) Polish winter wolves Artur Hajzer and Robert Szymczak summited Nanga Parbat yesterday at 1:30pm, Pakistan time, after fighting loads of snow and bad weather on a 15 hours-long climb from C4. It would take them nearly 10 hours more to reach back their high camp.

Jaroslaw Gawrysiak, who had joined Artur and Robert on the summit push at 10:00pm the previous night, finally turned back at 7,800m.

Tense hours

A concerning silence followed summit news though. Artur and Robert made no further contact. As hours passed, concerns grew among the expedition members. Robert Kazmierski and Arek Grzadziel remained in C3 ready to jump to the rescue if needed.

Luckily, the weather cleared up yesterday evening, permitting the BC crew to spot the summiteers through binoculars at 7,300m - 2 hours away from the tents.

Latest news was posted earlier today: The summit team had finally called from C4. All team members are expected back in Base Camp today.

Story updated 7:50am EST: Artur, Robert and Arek Grzadziel (who went up from C3 early this morning) are not reaching BC today. Loads of fresh snow have slowed them down and will spend the night in C3 or C2. It is yet unclear whether Jaroslaw Gawrysiak is with them as well.

Nanga for themselves

The Polish team was the first to set foot on an 8000er this current summer season. Divided into smaller teams, they've worked on their own for weeks and fixed the entire Kinshoffer route.

Further team members will attempt to reach the summit in upcoming days. According to original plans, the team will then move to the Karakoram Range, in order to climb GI and GII.

After Nanga, Artur Hajzer has summited six main 8000ers: 3 of them via new routes. He also achieved the first winter climb on Annapurna, teaming up with Jerzy Kukuczka.

The current climb is the first stage of a 5 year-long project known as Polish Winter Himalayan Climbing 2010-2015. Seasoned climbers as Artur (expedition leader) and Robert are teaming up with younger climbers on their first Himalayan experience. According to plans, after Nanga Parbat the team will move to the Karakorum Range in order to climb both Gasherbrums.

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Summiteers Artur Hajzer (top) and Robert Szymczak compiled on Nanga Kinshoffer route topo.
courtesy Polish Winter Himalayan Climbing 2010-2015, SOURCE

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