Hidden Peak (GI) summits: US, Canadian, Russian and Czech climbers on top!

Posted: Jul 28, 2010 11:59 am EDT

(ExWeb/Madrid) American Marty Schmidt, Canadian Don Bowie, Russian Alexei Bolotov and Czechs Radek Jaros and Libor Uher have checked in from the top of Hidden Peak. Their's may be the first GI summits this season since previous summit claims last week were left unconfirmed or denied by the climbers themselves.

A tough descent ahead

"Don called at 7:45AM (July 28) PKT to announce that he and Alexei along with Czech climbers Radek Jaros and Libor Uher and American climber Marty Schmidt have summited Gasherbrum I," Bowie's home team in Canada just reported. "Don said that a storm was due to come in shortly, so they would not be long on the summit. He expected the return trip to base camp would be a long, arduous one due to inclement weather, deep, unstable snow, and tired climbers."

Grepl Zbynek also reported the news to ExplorersWeb from the Czech republic. "At 6:30 local time we stood on top of GI," Radek had texted. "We had set off at 19:30."

From the summit, Jaros remarked that only five people have summited Hidden Peak (GI) this year, and only three have completed the double-header.

As for Marty Schmidt, GI is his third 8000er this year, after Makalu and GII, Chris Warner told ExplorersWeb.

No previous summits confirmed

In fact, the Colombian team has hurried to clear up the facts after local media reported that member Lucho had summited. Upon arrival in BC, they posted a summit bid report where they clearly stated that they had stopped 20 meters shy from the top. "We are satisfied with the attempt and willing to go for GII. As for GI though, we didn't summit," they ensured.

No one has confirmed the summit of Spanish Roberto Rojo "Gorri"--as it was also reported in local media.

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Image of Hidden Peak as seen from BC, sent live over Contact 5.0 on July 5.
courtesy Colombian GI+GII bicentenario Banco AV Villas expedition, SOURCE