First reported Cho Oyu summit this season

Posted: Oct 01, 2010 02:48 pm EDT

(ExWeb/Madrid) A German climber (name yet unknown) is back in Cho Oyu C2 after topping-out in reportedly dangerous conditions earlier today, and a group is currently preparing in C3 for their own summit assault tonight, according to FTA leader Fabrizio Zangrilli.

Fabrizio is currently acclimatizing in C2 together with Luis, Siddhi and Gordon, enjoying a zero wind afternoon at 7,000 meters. "In the morning they will amble up the slopes a bit (wind permitting) and then drop back to BC to rest," FTA home team Stu reported. "There are reports of good windows possible in the October 6-10 period and we'll hope one of those strengthens in the days ahead."

SummitClimb and Kari Kobler and Partner teams have finally cancelled their bids and have started heading back home.

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Views from 7,000 meters high on Cho Oyu.
Image by Stu Remensnyder courtesy Field Touring Alpine/Stu Remensnyder, SOURCE