Cho Oyu update: One summit reported, Quintero retreats from the summit plateau, will try again tomorrow

Posted: Oct 07, 2010 02:34 pm EDT

Ecuadorian Santiago Quintero checked in from C2 earlier today, after a bold summit push on his own, which ended on the summit plateau, barely a few meters shy from the highest point. In spite of the wind, he is ready to try again tomorrow. Danish Jakob Urth, climbing with Asian Trekking, reportedly topped-out at 3PM, NPT.

"Yesterday, I tried to reach Cho Oyu summit, breaking trail and completely on my own," Santiago reported over sat-phone from C2 earlier today.

"I climbed until 8,180 meters, almost to the summit. I stopped at some point on the summit plateau. The wind reached over 30km/h, the temperature dropped to 30 below zero. It was 1:30PM. My hands went cold and my face numb. I got worried and decided to retreat."

Danish climber on top

However, a press release from outfitter Asian Trekking reported that someone following Santiago's tracks had actually reached the highest point.

"Mr. Jakob Urth from Denmark and member of Asian Trekking International Cho Oyu expedition summitted Cho Oyu on October 6 at 3PM NPT," Dawa Sherpa reported.

As for Quintero, he is not yet over. "I am back in C2, reflecting and preparing to try again tomorrow, on Friday," he stated. "Apparently the wind will keep blowing and temperatures may grow even colder, but I'm going anyway because time is running out; it will be tomorrow, or it won't be this season."

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Santiago Quintero in Cho Oyu ABC some days ago.
courtesy Santiago Quintero, SOURCE