First teams signing up for Everest 2011: David Tait is back

Posted: Jan 05, 2011 09:37 pm EST

(By: Angela Benavides Edited by: Brooke Meetze)
"I leave for the fifth 'final time' for the Himalayas on the 29th of March 2011 in the hope of adding to my three Everest summits by succeeding without the use of supplemental oxygen," David announced in a press release to ExplorersWeb.

"As part of my preparation for the 'oxygen-less' Everest attempt I will be setting ropes and establishing a new route on Lhotse (8,500m) beforehand," he stated. "The Everest push will come later in the season when conditions are warmest and, hopefully, when I am best acclimatized."

A secret plan B?

Although no details were given, Tain mentioned the following: "If William Hague the Foreign Secretary can work his magic with the Chinese authorities [as I have requested] events could get particularly interesting..."

After a first summit in 2005, the British David Tait achieved an Everest-Tibet-Nepal traverse in spring 2007, climbing together with Purba Tashi Sherpa. The clibmers fixed ropes on their way down the south side, opening a trail for further summiteers that spring. In fact, the original goal, also attempted in 2004, was a double traverse of the peak, from Tibet to Nepal and then back to Tibet.

The two climbers summited the peak again on May 5, 2009, following the Sherpa team who fixed ropes clear to the top. That time Tait had intended to climb without supplementary oxygen, but changed his mind right before the summit push. I decided quite late on that I had further use for both my fingers and toes," he explained back then. "Over the preceding weeks I had three 'shocks', when both my fingers and toes had gone totally wooden at high altitude -- I decided then that I still wanted to tickle my kids.

David is a charity climber. He is on the board of the NSPCC (National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children) and raise funds for several organizations working to prevent child abuse around the globe. This time he hopes to collect funds for the NSPCC and the Childs i Foundation, a Ugandan based charity dedicated to rescuing abandoned babies from the streets of Kampala. "I too was sexually abused as a child, and it changed my life," David stated. "If I had been able to obtain help at an earlier age, it would go without saying that I wouldnt have suffered nearly as much," he added, ensuring all donated money will go straight to the charities and will be well-used.

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Brit David Tait on the summit of Everest on May 5 at 12.43PM local time. Pic taken over CONTACT-4.
Image by Purba Tashi Sherpa courtesy David Tait, SOURCE

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