Himalaya wrap-up: Summits on Cho Oyu, Lhotse, and Shisha central

Posted: May 16, 2006 02:17 pm EDT

(MountEverest.net) News of successful summits has come in from all across the Himalaya today: Austrians on Cho Oyu, Norwegians on Lhotse, and the Japanese on Shisha Central. Meanwhile, other teams are making their way up Dhaulagiri, Makalu, Annapurna, and Manaslu. On Kangchenjunga, the climbers who didnt reach the summit yesterday are far from giving up. In fact, they plan on another attempt within a few days.

Finally, Serguey Bogomolov has apologized for mistaking the name of a German climber he helped down the peak some days ago. It was Steffen Kiefer, and not Pete Guggemos, who had to be helped down showing HAPE symptoms. By that time, Guggemos had already called it quits on the mountain.


Mario Merelli: Climbers up Report on Svens summit

The Italian team is departing on their summit push tomorrow. Joining them will be Silvio Mondinelli and Marco Confortola, fresh from Shisha Pangma.

Merelli has also reported on Norwegian Sven Gangdal summiting Lhotse on May 12 with the Chileans. Nepal's Ministry has yet to confirm the summit.

Spaniard Jesus Calleja: Summit too

Nepal's Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil aviation has confirmed that Spaniard Jesus Calleja, who figured as leader of an international team, summited Lhotse at 6.45 am. on May 12.

Cho Oyu

Austrian team: Summit

Team member Hubert turned around above C2 fearing frostbites, but Daniel and Sherpa Manbadur Tamang reached the summit earlier today, according to Gerfried Goeschl.

Shisha Pangma

Miura San Japanese team: Gota and Muraguchi Central summit

Gota Miura (36) and Nori Muraguchi (46) summited Shishas Central summit today at 2:55 pm, local time. Five Sherpas accompanied the team.

Gota hoped to ski down from the summit, but opted out due to safety reasons.


Joao + Spaniards: New attempt later this week

Portuguese Joao Garcia is ready to give the mountain another try later this week. The Spaniards will also join him. Ivan Vallejo and Fernando Gonzalez, also in BC, have not yet confirmed their immediate plans.


mBank Lotto Himalayan Trilogy: Summit in four days?

Tomorrow we will take some gear to the deposit we left at 6200 m. and we will stay there for the night, reported Piotr. On the next day we hope to reach the ridge and, weather permitting, we plan to summit in four days time from now.


Serguey Bogomolov: Sorry, wrong German!

Serguey Bogomolov and Gia Torladze, currently on his summit bid on Manaslu, reached C4 today. Serguey has also apologized for reporting the wrong name of a German climber the pair helped down some days ago: The sick climber was Steffen Kiefer, member of the German Adventure Train team.

Serguey had mistakenly reported the name of the climber with that of Peter Guggemos. Peter also attempted Manaslu this season, but called the expedition off before the related incident took place.

German Adventure train team: Veit and Heikos summit bid

While Steffen, his brother Peter, and Wolfgang have called their attempt off, members Heiko and Veit departed BC earlier this week for another try on Manaslu. Yesterday they were in C3.


Carlos Soria: Summit planned for May 19

Carlos Soria started the summit push on Dhaula yesterday, reaching C1 in good weather. Today hell spend the night in C2. He hopes to reach C3 tomorrow and summit Thursday.

Inaki Ochoa: On the way

After a few days of rest in Kathmandu, Spaniard Inaki Ochoa is on his way to Dhaulagiris BC. He hopes to arrive by Friday or Saturday. He will join forces with other teams on the spot, and set two camps on the NE ridge before attempting the summit.

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Norwegian Sven Gangdal summited Lhotse with the Chilean team. Image of Sven courtesy of the expedition's website (click to enlarge).
Gota Miura (36) and Nori Muraguchi (46) summited Shishas Central summit today at 2:55 pm, Tibetan time. File image of Gota, courtesy of the expedition team (click to enlarge).
Portugese Joao Garcia is ready to give the mountain another try later this week. The Spaniards will be joining him. Image of Joao on Kangchenjunga during a previous acclimatization trip, courtesy of sic.sapo.pt (click to enlarge)
Joining forces with the Palencia expedition, Carlos Soria has launched a summit bid on Dhaulagiri. Image of Spanish team members courtesy of Carlos Soria (click to enlarge).

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