Pakistan 2010 season's end climbing statistics

Posted: Mar 17, 2011 03:31 am EDT

With all winter expeditions over, here are the statistics for 2010 climbing in Pakistan. Out of 40 expeditions and 305 climbers there were 13 summits reported with a total of 56 summiteers.

Mountaineering Expeditions visiting Pakistan during 2010
By 'Santa of Karakoram' Saad Tariq Siddiqi and Karrar Haidri, ExplorersWeb Pakistan

2010 proved to be a very bleak year for mountaineering tourism in Pakistan. Just 26 mountaineering expeditions comprising of 234 climbers attempted various peaks in Pakistan this year, including 3 expeditions attempting K2, Broad Peak, Nanga Parbat and GII during winter i-e December/January 2011.

6 out of these teams attempted both GI and GII , 4 teams attempted both K2 & Broad Peak, whereas one team decided to attempt 4 Gasherbrum range peaks in tandem i-e GI, GII, GV and GVI raising the total No. of attempts to 40 and attempting members to 305.

As per record received from Alpine Club of Pakistan 12 expeditions were successful in putting 53 members on top of Broad Peak, Nanga Parbat GI and GII. Brief account in respect of various peaks is appended below:

K2 8611-M
52 members of 07 expeditions tried their luck on K2 but failed to reach summit this year.
Unfortunately this peak claimed 2 lives.

Broad Peak 8047-M
8 expeditions comprising of 56 members were engaged in surmounting this Peak. Out of which 2 expeditions returned successful in putting 8 members on top of Broad Peak.

Nanga Parbat 8125-M
2 out of 4 expeditions comprising 34 members were successful in putting 9 members on top of this invincible peak. Winter Expedition on Nanga Parbat has returned Unsuccessful.

Gashebrum I 8068-M
58 members of 8 expedition tried to scale GI out of which 12 members of 3 expedition were able to reach the summit of GI.

Gasherbrum II 8035-M
GII turned out to be the most successful peak this year as 24 members of 5 expeditions out of 72 members of 8 expeditions were successful in putting their national flags on top of GII.

Gasherbrum II 8035-M (Winter Expedition)
Winter GII Expedition led by Mr. Simone Moro from Italy has returned successful by putting all 03 members on the summit of G-II on 2nd February 2011. This is the first ever winter success on any peak above 8000-M in Pakistan.

Other Expeditions
All other expedition to the peaks of GV, GVI, Spantik, Latok - I and Tahu Rutum failed to achieve success.

i) Peter Georgiev Unzhiev of Bulgaria died at Camp-II K2 on 18th July 2010 due to High Altitude Sickness. He was member of ATP International K2 & Broad Peak Expedition 2010 led by Jaroslav Bartos.
ii) Jan Fredrik Ericsson of Sweden died due to about 1000 Meters fall from Bottle Neck ( 8300-M ) of K2 on 6 August 2010.

Peak/No Expeditions/No Members/No of Success/No of Summiteers
K2: 7/52/-/-
Nanga Parbat: 4/34/2/9
Broad Peak: 8/56/2/8
Gasherbrum I: 7/58/3/12
Gasherbrum II: 7/69/5/24
Gasherbrum II Winter: 1/3/1/3
Gasherbrum V: 2/13/-/-
Gasherbrum VI: 1/7/-/-
Spantik: 1/7/-/-
Latok: 1/3/-/-
Tahu Rutum: 1/3/-/-

Total: 40/305/13/56

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Denis Urubko, Simone Moro and Cory Richards celebrating the climb that won them the 2011 ExplorersWeb Best of Award. Following the first winter ascent of Gasherbrum II, Cory joined Conrad Anker for an attempt on Everest west ridge but was airlifted for health concerns. Today Anker aborted the attempt, citing dangerous conditions.
Image by Alex Txikon courtesy Alex Txikon/ ABC GI winter team

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