The "holy shit grin" a.k.a. skiing down Everest Lhotse face

Posted: May 09, 2011 01:23 pm EDT

(Tina Sjogren) Closing in on the death zone at 8000m/25000ft, most Everest climbers on the steep, icy and crevassed Lhotse wall clutch the rope and gasp for breath. And then there is MountainTrip.

Skiing down the Lhotse Face, The problem is after twenty turns or so you are about to pass out from oxygen deprivation," dispatched Chris Davenport of Snowmass, Colo. "We skied the face in stages, stopping to catch our breath, regroup, and admire our surroundings."

"At every one of these stops we would look at each other with these 'holy shit' grins, half scared and half in disbelief about where we were."

Neal and Chris skied the Lhotse Face in perfect style from Camp 3 down on Friday reportedly in ultimate conditions. The pics are up, go check!

Mountain Trip

Colorado based Mountain Trip of Bill Allen, Scott Woolums (5 Everest summits), Neal Biedleman (Everest 1996), Chris Davenport (top ski-mountaineer), Ephi Gildor (Manhattan hedge-fund magnate), Gregg Mellon, Newall Hunter, and Irenuz Szpot posted the cool pic of Everest top dog Lhotse on Friday and now the ski pics are up.

While Japanese Yuichiro Miura became internationally famous back in the 70s for screaming down Everests Lhotse Face on a pair of skis, with a parachute in tow to keep his speed in check, VIDEO, Himalaya 8000+ snowboarding and skiing really took off only in the new millennium.

A big tragedy struck when Italian Marco Siffredi died while attempting his second descent from Everests summit.

A few years later, Swedish Tomas Olsson died in the Everest Great couloir after reporting the hardest skiing conditions he had ever faced. He died when rappelling down a section of the unfamiliar route - with his skis still on.

There have been 20+ partial ski descents from Everest, but only one has been complete.

On October 7, 2000 Slovenian skier Davo Karnicar (Zgornje Jezerko, 1962) became the first person ever to ski non-stop from the summit of Everest down to the South Sides BC. His is the first, and up to now, only complete ski descent from Everests summit to BC. Davo summited at 7:00 am with Franc Oderlap and Sherpas Ang Dorjee and Pasang Tenzing. During the nearly 5 hour descent, he took some short breaks to catch his breath but never took off his skis.

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Neal and Chris skied the Lhotse Face in perfect style from Camp 3 down on Friday reportedly in ultimate conditions. Pics are up, go check!
Image by Neil Biedleman and Chris Davenport courtesy Chris Davenport, SOURCE