Kanchenjunga: How Anselm found Cleo in the snow, take 2

Posted: Aug 17, 2011 10:17 pm EDT

(Tina Sjogren) This past spring a rescue report from Kanchenjunga made big waves. An unconscious woman climber - reportedly left head down on a slope by her Sherpas - was rescued by her team mates in a turn of events that were anything but flattering to the Nepalese climbing outfit on the peak.

Posted by Anselm Murphy the report told of his and Ted Atkins' rescue of injured Brazilian/American Cleo Weidlich. Condemning the Sherpas' conduct, Alex Gavan was reportedly later attacked in base camp.

Now Cleo has responded at Extremos.com, an online Brazilian climbing news source.

Thanking her rescuers Cleo states they however acted by their own choice and she proceeds to defend her Sherpas.

Weidlich was expedition leader and her side of the story is worth reading considering that she, as she points out, has eight expeditions to Himalaya for experience. It should be noted though that Cleo's debrief contradicts reports made by other skilled climbers in place; and that some of her and Sherpas' assessments and actions (involving medical evaluation and logistics) as described in her debrief are inconsistent with high altitude practice as known to ExplorersWeb.

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How Anselm found Cleo in the snow, face down.
Image by Unknown courtesy Mingma Sherpa/Anselm Murphy, SOURCE

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