2011 fall climbing season kick-off: Himalaya preliminary list of expeditions!

Posted: Sep 03, 2011 03:01 am EDT

(Newsdesk) Yes it's that time again! Pakistan barely wrapped with a K2 triumph last week and only scattered technical climbs left; check out the first edition of the brand new 2011 Everest and Himalaya fall list of expeditions. Not in there? Please email newsdesk.

The final edition will be published in the fixed section next week after which changes will be harder to make so please email team@explorersweb.com asap with corrections or additions. Here goes:

Annapurna new route?

Leading a team of young climbers, S. Korea's first 14x8000er summiteer Park Young-Seok is returning to Annapurna south face. In 2010 Park tried a new route on the mighty wall so chances are (unconfirmed) he'll try to finish that this year.

Dhaulagiri at 72

Fresh from summitting Lhotse in spring and 72 years old, Carlos Soria hopes to turn Dhaulagiri into his 11th main 8000er.

Manaslu: the 16+25 8000ers team, the Everest family, the Indian kid, & more

Italian 16x8000er summiteer Silvio 'Gnaro' Mondinelli with a group of clients; Juanito Oiarzabal, with a record 25x8000 summits, and just recovered from a blood clot he suffered on Lhotse this spring. Together they will share BC, climbing permit and work on the route.

Following an attempt in 2008, Peruvian Richard Hidalgo is back to Manaslu for a second chance.

16 times Everest summiter Nima Gombu Sherpa, his 17 times Everest summiter borther Mingma Tsiri and Gunsa K.C. Mingma Tsiri will attempt Manaslu with Damien François, a writer from Belgium working on a documentary about the "Everest Family". In fact the Himalayan Human Adventure team spans 7 brothers from Beding, Rolwaling, with a total of 49 Everest summits between them.

At only 17 the youngest climber to summit Lhotse a few months back; Arjun Vajpai from India will attempt Manaslu next.

As for commercial expeditions: Altitude Junkies,
Himalayan Experience/Alpenglow, Kobler & Partner
and Kenton Cool's Dream Guides are all scheduled to converge on Manaslu this fall.

Shisha Pangma - Cleo in the house

Still recovering from a knee injury suffered in her recent expedition on Kangchenjunga; Cleo Weidlich is already back to Himalaya and plans to climb Shisha next.

Two teams from South Korea will populate Shisha this fall: The Jeon Buk expedition, led by Woo-Suk Go, and Park Jeong-Heon, who will climb the peak independently.

So far only IMG have announced plans to commercially guide the peak this fall.

Cho Oyu: north ridge, legal Korean

Cho Oyu will make up for a thin spring season this fall.

Colombians Camilo Lopez & Anna Pfaff plan to acclimatize on the normal route and then attempt the North ridge in a single, alpine style push. Plan B is to attempt 'Free Tibet' - Spaniard Oscar Cadiach's variation route - which traverses onto the North ridge from the normal route.

S. Korean 14x8000er Kim Jae-Soo hopes to make his title official by summitting Cho Oyu - legally. Kim first summited the peak in 1993, but without a climbing permit. Now he is back leading the Kolon Challenge expedition. Disabled climber Hong-Bin Kim will be also on Cho Oyu, climbing independently.

Members in Edurne Pasaban's Everest spring team, Spain's Ferran Latorre & Nacho Orviz might return to Everest for another no-O2 attempt in 2012 if all goes well on Cho Oyu.

Commercial teams: Adventure Consultants, Amical, IMG, Jagged-globe, Kobler & Partner.

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