Annapurna: Mr Park, "mine is the destiny of the explorer"

Posted: Nov 03, 2011 04:58 pm EDT

(Angela Benavides) "I have the destiny of the explorer - my fate is to explore till I die." Displayed on a screen during his funeral service in Seoul, friends and relatives reportedly broke out in tears when Mr Park's words came up.

Korea mourns its greatest explorer

Funeral services for Park Young-Seok and his two mates lost on Annapurna were held in Seoul earlier today. ExplorersWeb correspondent Kyu Dam Lee said images of the climbers were projected on a screen together with the following words by Mr. Park:

"Mountaineers must go to mountains, explorers must go to explore. Cities are no place for climbers. I have the destiny of the explorer, (my fate is) to explore till I die."

Kim Jae-Soo: "I will return to find them"

A leader of the Korean Alpine Federation asked that the memory of the fallen mountaineers be honored in "taking care of junior climbers in their spirit." (Ed. Note: Mr Park often brought with him young team mates to the mountains and polar areas).

Head of the search, 14x8000er climber Kim Jae-Soo, returned to Korea from Nepal just in time for the service. "I will return to Annapurna to find them," Kim reportedly said.

Climbing all the 14x8000ers and walking to both poles, in 2005 Korean Park Young-Seok completed the world's first Adventure Grand Slam. In 2009, 27 years after the previous new climb there, Mr Park summited Everest via a new line on the immense and technical SW Face. This fall, Mr Park attempted yet another new line in high Himalaya. Annapurna became his last climb.
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Images from Park Young-Seok's funeral service. Upper left image, Park's son and wife. Attendants reportedly broke out in tears when Mr Park's words came on the screen.
courtesy Courtesy Kyu dam Lee
14x8000er summiteer Um Hong-Gil bidding a last good-bye to Park Young-Seok.
courtesy Courtesy Kyu Dam Lee