Winter GI: Gerfried, Cedric and Nasir off towards the summit tonight, Alex and Tamara at 6,800m

Posted: Mar 07, 2012 05:53 pm EST

(Angela Benavides) Gerfried Goschl, Cedric Hahlen and Nisar Hussain are preparing to set off on the definite summit push on winter GI, via a new route on the peak's south side. They will leave their bivy tent at 7,000m at 3:00am, local time tonight.

"It's freezing cold and visibility is poor but, luckily, wind has dropped," Gerfried stated over sat phone.

Alex and Tamara at 6,800m

Meanwhile, Alex Txikon has reached 6,800m on a tough ride from BC in gale conditions. Upon reaching the ridge, Alex has met Tamara Stys, whose whereabouts were previously unclear.

According to a report by Alex's home team, Tamara had set off from C1 together with the summit team earlier today but, unable to follow Gerfried, Cedric and Nisar's pace, she eventually chose to pitch her tent at the beginning of the plateau, right after climbing the route's headwall.

Meanwhile, Alex had reached C1 drom C2 around noon, after his mates had left. He rested for an hour and prceeded up, reaching Tamara's tent at about 7pm, local time. With night falling, Alex has decided to share Stys' tent.

"In the current circumstances, Alex won't be able to attempt to reach the top tomorrow," his home team explained. "Instead, he'll cross the plateau and pitch the tent at the base of the summit ridge, in order to give the summit a shot on Friday." Details are still expected on Tamara's plan.

Poles also aiming for Friday

Meanwhile on the normal route Artur, Adam, Janusz and Shaheen are in C2, after 60-80m/h winds forced them back at the Japanese Couloir. Tomorrow, they'll try again to reach C3, so that the final summit push will start on Thursday-Friday night.

UPDATE Mar 8, 11:30am, Pakistan time: Gerfried has called home 450 vertical meters away from the summit. "I think we can make it," he said. "We're climbing very slowly since were overloaded with gear: once on top, we pan to traverse down via the peak's north side."

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Gerfried Goschl.
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