Winter GI: History in the making - Gerfried, Cedric & Nisar approaching the summit

Posted: Mar 08, 2012 09:18 am EST

(Angela Benavides) Gerfried Goschl, Cedric Hahlen and Nisar Hussain are approaching their goal - summit news is expected at any moment.

Once on top, the climbers plan to traverse down to the peak's normal route on the north side. Thus, the achievement would be a multiple world's first: First winter ascent and traverse, via a new route.

Meanwhile, AlexTxikon's SPOT device show him climbing across the higher plateau. According to pans annouced ysterday, Basque Alex would stop today at the base of the summit ridge, in order to go for the summit in the early morning tomorrow. It is yet unclear whether Tamara Stys will climb together with him.

UPDATE 6:00am EST/2:00pm Pakistan: As for the Poles on the normal route Janusz, Adam and Shaheen have reached C3. Conditions have reportedly improved and a fresh forecast show weak wind and no clouds tonight. The climbers will therefore set off at 11:00om, local time, towards the summit.

Earlier today, Artur Hajzer was in C2.

Stay tuned for further updates to be posted as news break!

Links to 2012 winter GI climbers:

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Image by Agnieszka Bielecka courtesy Polish winter GI expedition 2012, SOURCE

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