Everest north side toll details: Cho Oyu "mystery climber" missing

Posted: May 23, 2012 01:43 am EDT

(Newsdesk) More details have arrived from the community about mountaineers reported vanished on Everest north side this morning.

Ferran Latorre's blog reports that German climber Ralf D. Arnold is missing.

You might recall the “mystery climber” who bagged the first summit (October 1) on Cho Oyu in fall 2010. The mountaineer checked in on Explorersweb with details after several sites reported on the summit, but not his name. Ralf recalled from Cho Oyu: “I started at 11:00PM from C2 and returned after 15 hours climbing. It was a fantastic climb! Good weather, low, but cold wind and a very nice view of Everest and of many Khumbu mountains.”

Arnold used Monterosa for his logistics on both climbs.

Ferran also reported the death of Juan José Polo, of the southern Spanish island Tenerife. Desnivel added that Polo was a 43-years-old doctor, sharing permit with other climbers on the north side.

There is also mention of Italian climber Luigi Rampini, aged 69, obviously in trouble in camp 3.
"There's concern about the situation of a 69 year old Italian who decided to stay alone in C3 to wait for another opportunity to summit and bearing several days without food..."


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Ralf Arnold shot a pic of himself and another of the view of Everest from Cho Oyu summit.
Image by Ralf Arnold courtesy Ralf Arnold