Splitboard in Pakistan: don't miss Laila peak debrief

Posted: Jul 17, 2012 05:14 am EDT

(Newsdesk) "[...] we managed to get a team of four together: me (splitboard), Brendan O’Sullivan (splitboard), Edward Blanchard Wrigglesworth (yes, that is his real name and the token skier!) and Luca Pandolfi (snowboard). Chamonix was the common denominator for all of us, having either lived or currently living there."

In case you missed the intriguing dispatch about a splitboard adventure in the streams yesterday: Inspired by Fredrik Ericsson (sky-skier who died on K2) Paul Holding's Laila peak debrief is a must read.


K2: Sky-skier Fredrik Ericsson in fatal accident.

Laila Peak, "Time to piss on the fire"

In 2010 Fredrik Ericsson and Trey Cook launched a summit push on Laila (also known as Leila) Peak, which stopped short before the top due to risk of slab-avalanches. “The northwest aspect of Laila is a massive, flat and featureless 45-50 degrees-steep tabletop and it was easy to imagine that any kind of fracture would release the entire face. It’s times like these that I find it useful to pause for a moment to reflect on my priorities in life,” Trey reflected.

“It’s tempting to stay here with Laila - but we’re here on a mission and that mission is to ski K2,” the team reported back in BC. “Time to piss on the fire, call in the dogs and head ‘em on up to K2.”

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Laila Peak summit and rock crux.
Image by Luca Pandolfi courtesy Luca Pandolfi, SOURCE
The late Swede Fredrik Ericsson climbing on Laila Peak in 2010. The attempt to ski down from its summit was thwarted by avalanche risk but inspired splitboarder Paul Holding and his friends.

Image by Trey Cook courtesy Fredrik Ericsson, SOURCE