Mazeno ridge: Rick and Sandy down safe from Nanga summit

Posted: Jul 19, 2012 03:30 pm EDT

(Newsdesk/Karrar Haidri) Mohammad Ali, the owner of Adventure Pakistan outfit called Karrar Haidri from Nanga Parbat BC with the news that Rick and Sandy are safely back to base camp after summit of Nanga Parbat on 15 July 2012 at 6-10pm.

According to the phone call, Ali was notified by the members on July 16 that they were in bad weather and lack of food and gas. Thanks to Mohammad's efforts Sadiq Sadpara (renowned Mountaineer from Baltistan and brother of Everest summiteer) and Shabbir Sadpara from Skardu, with Shams from Chilas rushed to BC and high camp with supplies and helped Sandy Allan and Rick Alen safely back to BC.

Cathy Home Team Tweet

The news are confirmed on the team's website in a tweet: On the 15th of July at 18:12h Rick and Sandy reached the summit! On the 19th of July they arrived safely back at Base Camp. Everyone safe and well!

Liver Khan of sent a message to Karrar Haidri earlier this week stating that according to expedition liaison officer Samander Khan the British Nanga Parbat expedition reached the summit of Nanga Parbat from the south face by the Mazeno ridge on Saturday July 14 at 6.12 pm.

The expedition commenced the climb on July 4th with 7 days of supplies. In an initial attempt, the climbers reached high camp at 7200 meters, from where the final summit push took place. That push was aborted but another attempt was decided on. Short on supplies the team would divide in two, Cathy and the Sherpa would commence descent through an unknown route while Rick and Sandy would try the summit once more.

The ridge is more than 10 km (6 miles) long with eight 7000 meter (23000 ft) peaks to pass along the route. Steep walls on each side make pulling out hard. The ridge was not fixed, there were no fixed camps and the climbers used no supplementary oxygen.

The first woman to summit Everest from both South (1996) and North (1999), Cathy O'Dowd of South Africa did the climb - considered the longest ridge on any 8000er - with British Rick Allen, Sandy Allan and Nepali climbers Lhakpa Rangdu, Lakpa Sherpa and Nuru Sherpa.

The expedition is outfitted by owned by Muhammad Ali.

Interview with Cathy.

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Sandy and Rick are reported safely back in BC.
Image by Cathy O'Dowd courtesy Cathy O'Dowd, SOURCE