Nanga Parbat: game on

Posted: Jan 07, 2013 04:11 pm EST

(Newsdesk) David, Zoltan and Ian have reached BC and started the climb. Here goes their latest (2013-01-06) as reported by Ian.

"Today started with a screaming dehydration headache at about 8 AM. I loaded up on tea and headed into the gear room/mess tent. Breakfast of hardboiled eggs and Corn Flakes. Our mission for today was to recon a new route from Base Camp to Camp 1 that would be more direct than following the glacier to the start of the Kinshofer route.

By staying close to the Northern walls we believe we can find a coulior that will take us up and over, depositing us right below, if not directly on Camp 1.

David and I strapped into our Tubbs Alp-XL snowshoes and were out of BC by 10:30, slightly later than intended. We made strong progress, staying close to the wall left of the glacier and heading uphill at a steady pace. A wrong turn put us on the edge of the ridge just west of where we wanted to, though the delay was negligible. We cached our tent, rope, crampons and various hardware at 4700m behind a large boulder, easily noticeable due to local landmarks, namely a large rock face that reminds me of The Spearhead in Rocky Mountain National Park.

The thin air became very apparent around 14:00 as we neared our cache spot. It’s a strange feeling, taking only few steps with every breath. It ensures that you are present with every moment on the mountain and brings my thoughts to the book Peace Is In Every Step, a book on walking meditation. Highly recommended.

We hope to establish Camp 1 tomorrow after noon. Wish us luck and stay tuned.


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David checking the conditions.
Image by David Klein, Zoltan Robert, Ian Overton courtesy David Klein, Zoltan Robert, Ian Overton

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