Other winter news: Lonnie at windy corner on Denali; accidents in Europe

Posted: Jan 21, 2013 05:21 pm EST

(Newsdesk) Don't miss Lonnie Dupre's reports from Denali in the dispatch section. Here's the latest:

"Lonnie received 18 hours of sleep that was only briefly interrupted by 2ft of snow that accumulated over night and had to be cleared off.

We spoke around 11 in the morning and due to hazy conditions on the mountain and unfavorable weather report Lonnie wasn’t originally going to travel today. By noon, having looked over the situation he decided go ahead and climb from 11.2K to 12K where he had previously left his sled and brought up majority of his gear to 13K, just west of Windy Corner.

Having ascended about 2000ft and return to 11.2K within 4.5 hours, it was a tough slog and a long day since Lonnie didn’t get started until late in the day.

Tomorrow, weather permitting Lonnie aims to be at 14K camp by evening.

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Winter is taking a toll in Europe. In the world news section at ExWeb this morning montagna.tv reports a mountaineer died in avalanche in the Bernese Oberland; four climbers dead on Scottish Highlands and 2 ski mountaineers died on Mount Pratello.

Lonnie Dupre's position on Jan 20th last year, on a 3D map of Denali, live over CONTACT-Augmented. Tomorrow, weather permitting Lonnie aims to be at 14K camp by evening.
courtesy Lonnie Dupre / Human Edge Tech, SOURCE

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