Winter Pakistan: Hungarians/American to C2 on Nanga Parbat

Posted: Jan 26, 2013 02:50 am EST

(Newsdesk) An update arrived from the Hungarian/American Nanga Parbat expedition, via sat phone and the Italian computer. The men plan to ascend to C2 over the weekend, returning to BC January 29.

French female climber Eli Revol offers some insights in winter climbing. There are so many unknowns, she writes, in terms of acclimatization, the cold and the wind. How much gas will they need in each bivouac, how many layers of clothing, will the gear hold up.

Everything is affected by the cold, she writes. Making five liters of water in base camp takes 20 bowls of ice, so cooking is hard. The tent is a thawing freezer, soaking clothes and sleeping bags. Wet stuff is hard to dry, just to wash and change is a chore.

No updates on the Rupal side (power and tech trouble is another story.)

The Polish have reached Broad Peak BC and thus far seem to thrive.

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Down in BC everything is frozen, she says.
Image by Elisabeth Revol courtesy Elisabeth Revol, SOURCE
"To keep speed up we do most of the technical part of the ridge without safety."
Image by Elisabeth Revol courtesy Elisabeth Revol, SOURCE
The Polish in Broad Peak BC.
Image by Shaheen Baig courtesy Wyprawa PZA na Broad Peak, SOURCE