Winter Pakistan: Broad Peak fixing route, scattered news from Nanga

Posted: Jan 29, 2013 03:38 am EST

(Newsdesk) Here go a few fast updates on the winter climbers as received by ExWeb.

Climbers are moving on Broad Peak reports Polishwinterhimalaism. Artur Małek and Tomasz Kowalski fixed 450 metres of rope above C1 up to 5900 meters yesterday. Tomorrow (Jan 29) Maciej Berbeka and Adma Bielecki plan to set camp 2, hopefully at 6200 m, while Wielicki with Pakistani climbers Amin, Shaheen and Karim will head out from base camp climbing to camp 1. Weather is reportedly cold but calm and clear.

Nanga Parbat

Also from Poland comes news that according to their blog Tomek & Marek are above 6600m on Nanga's Schell route.

Raheel Adnan commented that Joel's 'I’m in Rupal, and safe' message could mean he's off the Nanga Parbat wall and in the Rupal village, just below Bazhin glacier.

Word arrived from Daniele and Elisabeth via their weather man that after sleeping on the mountain they are coming back to Base camp due to high wind.

David and Ian went up this weekend to acclimatize and are expected to be descending as well.

Raheel also gave a heads-up about a winter expedition to Laila Peak by Alex Txikon. Txikon was member of the fateful G1 winter expedition last winter. Part of the ABC team (Louis Rousseau, Gerfried Göschl and Alex Txikon) the Spaniard returned to winter Pakistan with Göschl but hanged mostly with Carlos Suarez (in his first winter experience). Consequently, he wasn't part of the final summit push that killed Goshl and his two climbing mates.

Readers at ExWeb might recall Laila peak (20,000'/6,096 m) from the various ski expeditions made there during summer.

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Swedish ski-mountaineer Fredrik Ericsson (perished on K2) in file image by Laila Peak.
courtesy Fredrik Ericsson, SOURCE

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