Heads up: 2013 Polish Dhaulagiri climb

Posted: Mar 29, 2013 06:28 pm EDT

(Newsdesk) After the Broad Peak triumph and tragedy the Polish continue with their
Polish Winter Himalayan Mountaineering 2010 - 2015 Program, with the next team of climbers to attempt a 8000 meter peak; this time Dhaulagiri, the 7th highest mountain in the world. Their start date is April 1st. This is in preparation for a future Winter attempt, they say on their website.


Team leader: Jerzy Natkański (58 years old)
assistant-leader: Dariusz (Darek) Załuski (53)
Piotr Tomala (48)
Marcn Miotk (40)
Jacek Zyłka-Zebracki (36)
Robert Cholewa (48)
and two female climbers:
Agnieszka Bielecka (34) Adam Bielecki's sister and
Tamara Stys (34)

Read more about the team and their high altitude and other climbs here.


Their aim is to attempt Dhaulagiri via the Normal route, not using O2, and with climbing Sherpa.

The expedition's base will be on the glacier at an altitude of 4750 m. They plan to establish three camps. First camp at an altitude of 5850 m, the second camp at 6600 m, and the third camp at an altitude of 7400 m.

The 2013 Polish Dhaulangiri expedition (8167 meters) is part of the Polish Winter Himalayan Mountaineering 2010 - 2015 program (PHZ) whose aim is to bag the first winter eight thousand meter peaks. Artur Hajzer is the Program Manager of this project.

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Polish Dhaula route.
courtesy Polish Winter Himalaism Program 2010-15, SOURCE

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