Highest Post Office in the world on the South Col of Mount Everest

Posted: Apr 01, 2013 04:28 am EDT

(By Lindsay Elms) Beginning on April 1, 2013, and for a limited time, a special Post Card will be for sale by the Nepalese Post Office in Kathmandu then franked on the South Col of Mount Everest before being mailed out.

From April 1 until April 30, a special Post Card will be sold by the Nepalese Post Office in Kathmandu for US$25 including postage. The Post Cards will be transferred to Everest Base Camp where they will be signed by those Sherpa’s who have summited Mount Everest more than five times. In early May, when the weather permits, a high altitude Post Office worker will then carry the Post Cards up to a tent set up on the South Col at over 8000m which is designated as the highest Post Office in the world. The Post Cards will be franked with a special rubber stamp then carried back down the mountain to Lukla where they will be flown back to Kathmandu and then mailed out.

Climbers in Base Camp will also have the opportunity to purchase the Post Cards during April and have the option of having them signed by the sherpa’s or write on them personally. They too will then be carried up to the South Col with the rest and franked.

The spokesperson for the Nepalese Post Office, Fran Kaleta, said: “No trees from Sagamartha National Park were used in the making of the paper for the Post Cards and the glue on the back of the stamps is good to -40 degrees. It is hoped that a permanent Post Office will be constructed on the South Col in the future for the growing need of climbers above Base Camp, with phone and internet services available.”

A regular contributor at ExplorersWeb, in 2011 Canadian climbing- and adventure writer Lindsay Elms broke the story of a Vancouver based company, Summit Air, that developed a system where oxygen could be pumped up the mountain from a camp in the Western Cwm above the icefall.

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Who said snail mail. Reuters image of Post Office at base camp on Everest north side. This year the south side will kick it up.
Image by Reuters courtesy Reuters, SOURCE

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