Indian young gun Arjun Vajpai on Makalu

Posted: Apr 23, 2013 12:46 am EDT

(Newsdesk) Although India has a big chunk of the Himalayan range, "there are no Indians in the Mountaineering Record Books at an international level," noticed Arjun Vajpai and decided to disrupt state of events.

At age 16, he started by summiting Everest south side in 2010. So did American Jordan Romero, 13, that very same year and Arjun's feat passed by without much notice.

The Indian kid kept climbing. At only age 17, Arjun put India in mountaineering record books by becoming the youngest climber to summit Manaslu, the youngest to climb Lhotse, and the youngest climber to summit Everest south side. (Ed note: Jordan et al climbed Everest north).

Following a failed Cho Oyu attempt last year this spring Arjun is on Makalu in an expedition organized by Asian Treaking, going for the normal route with supplementary oxygen.

The Makalu team (Gia Tortladze, Tonya Riggs Clement and Will Cross are reportedly on the peak as well) reached Advance Base Camp (5,700m) before the weekend, Arjun's mom told ExWeb.

Arjun before departure to Makalu this spring.
courtesy Arjun Vajpai
After Everest, the Indian kid kept climbing.
Image by Arjun Vajpai courtesy Arjun Vajpai
At only age 17, Arjun put India in mountaineering record books.
Image by CNN-IBN courtesy Priya Vajpai

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