First Manaslu and Cho Oyu teams ready to summit - updated

Posted: May 11, 2013 04:59 pm EDT

(By Raheel Adnan, Updated May 12, 2013 01:10 pm EDT) Update: Raul Corominas and Pere Herms could not make a summit attempt in the early hours of May 12th, they reported on Facebook. The previous afternoon the weather turned bad with lightning, thunder, wind and snow. At 12 pm when it was time for their summit push, they woke up in a tent covered with snow and wind blowing. They realized they could not try it, said the Catalonians. At 5 am they descended "with great difficulty, fog and snow". They are back at BC, resting and will try again.

During spring climbing season Everest remains the epicenter of attention. Hundreds of climbers share regular updates using the improved internet facilities on both sides. Teams on other peaks with less frequent dispatches often get little media coverage. Same has been happening with Manaslu and Cho Oyu expeditions, this season.

Two Catalonians are ready for their summit push on May 12th on Manaslu. A Satorie Expeditions Cho Oyu team is ready for their summit attempt, leaving BC on May 10th or 11th.

Manaslu (8163m)

Catalonians on their First 8000er

Two Catalonians Raul Corominas and Pere Herms reached Manaslu BC (4830m) very early in the season (on 4th April). They witnessed more snow and no big crowd as anticipated. In fact they were all alone at BC. Without wasting any time, the duo started the climb on 5th, reaching 5400m before returning to BC. Next day, they established C1 at 5700m. After a couple of days of rest at BC, they went up again and reached 5950m; spent the following night in C1 hoping to climb further. But weather deteriorated and they had to retreat to BC again. After a week of snow, fog and bad weather, they were planning to go up and establish C2 and C3 at 6200m and 6800m respectively.

On May 11th Raul and Pere reported from C3 at 6800m, "Tomorrow is the big day, tomorrow we head to the top." They plan to leave between 12 and 1 am (19-20h in Catalonia), expecting the sunrise to lead them to the top.

Neither Raul nor Pere has climbed an 8000er before but have ample experience from peaks outside Asia. Mountain guiding is amongst one of Raul's jobs. Pere is a writer, director and has produced several social documentaries in African region. During this expedition, they will be making a 60 minutes documentary titled, "The men who wanted to climb a mountain over 8,000 meters".

Satori Adventures and Expeditions

The Satori Expeditions team attempting Manaslu is also reporting tough conditions on the mountain. On May 10th they reported that high winds and deep snow have made climbing extremely demanding.

There are also reports about the presence of at least one more team attempting Manaslu.

Cho Oyu (8201m)

There are four teams attempting Cho Oyu this season. It’s reported that one international expedition had to leave the mountain because of expired resources.

The Summit Climb team consists of nine foreign members, including Wayne Herrick, Debbie Markham, John Martersteck of Colorado Mountain Club (CMC) who are just starting their 8000er careers. The team reached Cho Oyu BC on April 29th and immediately moved to ABC. Few days of stay at ABC (5700m) not just helped the climbers adjusting in thin air but also provided them an opportunity to practice ice climbing on pinnacles next to ABC. On May 4th, team touched C1 (6400m) as first rotation. In next step, they spent one night in C1 and climbed to C2(6850m).

Dan Nash of Satori Adventures and Expeditions updated ExplorersWeb about their Cho Oyu Expedition. As per him team is ready for summit push, leaving BC on May 10th or 11th. After successful completion of several rotation trips and all higher camps being well equipped, the team is feeling strong and positive about reaching summit.

An international expedition with nine members from UK (Charles Masters), Sweden, British, Jordan and Spain also reached C1 on Cho Oyu, last week. It was photographer and trekker Charles Masters’ first 8000er expedition but he has left the expedition prematurely, because of rough conditions. One Spanish member of the team suffered from AMS and has to be evacuated to Kathmandu. No further details are available about team’s progress.

Based in Lahore, Pakistan telecom engineer and mountaineering enthusiast Raheel Adnan is contributing reporter for ExplorersWeb's mountaineering sections. He shares regular updates on Twitter and runs his own blog at AltitudePakistan posting initiated climbing news from Himalaya and Karakoram


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Snowy conditions on Manaslu high camp
courtesy Satorie Expeditions, SOURCE
The Route up Cho Oyu
courtesy Satorie Expeditions, SOURCE
Deha, Wayne Herrick, Debbie Markham, John Martersteck shopping in Kathmandu.
courtesy Summit Climb, SOURCE
Porter on the way to Cho Oyu C1
Image by Mark Van't Hof courtesy Summit Climb, SOURCE
Cho Oyu from BC. Photo Christina Kristensen
Image by Christina Kristensen courtesy Summit Climb, SOURCE
Cho Oyu from BC. Photo Christina Kristensen
Image by Christina Kristensen courtesy Summit Climb, SOURCE

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