David Sharp and Lincoln Hall: Two ways to act on Everest - climbers did not continue to summit

Posted: May 27, 2006 05:25 pm EDT

When they heard the shocking news that Lincoln Hall, pronounced dead the evening before high on the mountain, was found alive in the morning by climbers on summit push, people on the mountain couldn't believe it.

As media headlines about the Aussie climber's death began to pop up all over internet, and folks were mourning in chat rooms, climbers in ABC sent out a fast message to ExplorersWeb; "hold it - Lincoln is alive!"

Rescue debrief over dinner at 9 pm

In the frenzy of organizing a rescue, the climbers tried to provide as many details as possible and got most of it right, except for one piece of info; word was that the climbers who had found and cared for Lincoln were continuing to the summit. Instead, they were sitting out with Lincoln until help arrived.

"Dan Mazur, Jamie McGuinness and Alex Abramov have just had a de-brief over dinner of the rescue and these important facts have come to light 9 pm local time May 27th 2006. These facts have just been confirmed by Jamie, in the presence of Alex, from the mountain," Duncan Chessel of Project Himalaya/DCXPwrote to ExplorersWeb.

"We applaud Dan Mazur for staying with Lincoln"

Considering the latest debate surrounding climbers who passed a dying David Sharp on their way to the summit of Everest, blaming everything from altitude to David's gloves, this rescue showed a different option. In an amazing joint effort, the entire mountain stood up on their feet offering what they had, including the chance of summits:

"The earlier report of Dan Mazur summiting is not true, lost in translation in this multi-national environment. Dan abandoned his summit when he found Lincoln and waited there with him for 2-3 hours until the Sherpa rescue team arrived and then descended the peak with his client."

"We regret this early mistake and applaud Dan Mazur for staying with Lincoln for that time," Duncan wanted to have stated at ExplorersWeb as soon as details were sorted out.

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Image of Everest climbers' prayer flags in BC, ExWeb files.