Gasherbrum II Gerlinde update: Avalanche below C3!

Posted: Jul 19, 2005 05:50 pm EDT

Amical just reported the following to ExWeb:

"This morning Gerlinde, the Amical Alpin team and two Italians tried to get up to CIII. On their high point, about half way up to CIII a big avalanche to the right of the group went down. Fortunately nobody was swept down or hurt. The snowdust reached the "Banana" where several groups tried to get up to reach CII."

Try again tomorrow

"Meanwhile our AMICAL alpin team is back in CI and will stop the expedition. Gerlinde - together with a group of 6 Catalans and an Italian group will try again to reach CIII tomorrow. After Gerlinde and our team turned back from the high point, a small group of Koreans continued and most probably have reached CIII."

In the wrap-up earlier today, it was reported that Mountain Madness aborted their expedition early this morning, "we had planned on moving to Camp 2 this morning, but it was apparent that we needed to wait a few more days for conditions on the mountain to settle - time that we do not have. Nevertheless, a few teams did move up to Camp 2 today, but as expected reported poor snow conditions and slow going.

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, the Amical guides and the Italian climbers took turns to break trail, reaching C2 after seven hours of climbing. Gerlinde and the Amical team planned on setting off for the summit tonight.

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Archive image of Gerlinde in a bivouac while traversing Shisha Pangma in Alpine style this spring. Courtesy Amical Alpine.

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