Swede summits Dhaulagiri

Posted: May 24, 2003 02:02 am EDT

On May 20th Fredrik Strang became the first Swede to reach the summit on Dhaulagiri. The descent turned out to be the real challenge though, when reaching Camp 3 Strang was so exhausted he could no longer walk.

Several climbers on other expedition were in equally bad condition and had to get lowered down on the ropes. Strangs condition got worse and the decision was made to carry up oxygen from BC to make the evacuation possible. All expedition members are now safe in BC and Strangs health is improving.

A member in a German expedition was not as lucky and got flewn out from the mountainn with severe frostbites on all fingers, toes, nose and ears after losing his gloves in a 300m slide near the summit.

With 8167 meters Dhaulagiri is the seventh higest mountain in the world. The first to make the summit was a Swiss expedition in 1960 led by Max Eiselin

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