North Side Everest Climber, "There's a video of David Sharp still alive"

Posted: Jun 02, 2006 07:07 am EDT

Climbers have asked ExplorersWeb to publish the information that a video, part of a general Everest documentary prepared for the Discovery Channel, was shot of David Sharp when he was dying.

"The family should know that there's a video of David when he's still alive. Everyone should know," said one source.

David went on his summit push on May 14.

May 15, shortly after midnight, HIMEX second summit group went up (Ed note: The team had already summited 12 climbers the night before.) The HIMEX climbers discovered David Sharp next to the rock cave while it was still dark, and reported to Russell Brice that David was alive, shivering, not wearing gloves and showed signs of severe frostbite on his hands and face.

On descent, at around 8-9 am after the summit, the climbers found David was still alive and attempted to give him oxygen, again calling Russell Brice. They were given clear instructions to descent as it was explained to them that that David Sharp was in grave condition and that there was nothing they could do to help him.

"My name is David Sharp"

A few hours later, Sherpa wearing helmet cameras came upon David Sharp on descent and the following was captured on film.
"What is your name," asked the Sherpas.
"My name is David Sharp, I'm with Asian Trekking, and I just want to sleep," replied the climber.

After that, the Sherpas were told to return back down.

After learning of David Sharp's conditions and what expedition he belonged to, Russell Brice went over to the team leader of the Asian trekking group; Georghe Dijmarescu, according to the source. He asked George "are you missing someone?"
"Yeah we have one who hasn't made it back yet," replied Georghe, who hade issued no alerts on the mountain for David, according to sources.

Experienced expedition leaders on the mountain have voiced their opinion that the location of David should have made it possible, easy even, for 2 sherpas to put him in a sleeping bag and drag him down.

No dispatch entries

According to available records, it seems that on the 14th, 12 members from HIMEX and a number of people from India climbed with David Sharp to the summit and might have seen him in distress already then. On the 15th, at least 30 people passed by the dying climber, most from the Turkish and Himex team. (Check list below). Himex have in earlier years been involved in numerous rescues of other expeditions' climbers.

ExplorersWeb also got the information that expedition leader Russell Brice was contacted on at least three occasions by his expedition members for advice on how to proceed when passing David. All were instructed to continue their climb. Some help was administered to David, according to the sources.

No entries were made in the Turkish and Himex dispatches about David Sharp. ExplorersWeb has contacted both teams for comments.

Turkish team, 12 people passing Sharp
May 15th Summit/near summit (leaving Camp 3 at 10 pm May 14)
Eylem Elif Mavis
Serkan Girgin
Sooner Buyukatalay
Memduh Haldun Ulkenli
Burcak Ozoglu Pocan fainted and turned around at 2nd step
Serhan Pocan - no 02 - helped Burcak down
Bora Mavis - no O2 - helped Burcak down
5 x Sherpa

HIMEX team, 15 people passing Sharp
May 15th Summiteers (leaving camp at midnight)
Mark Woodward, NZ, (3rd summit)
Shaun Hutson, UK
Mark Whetu, NZ, (4th summit)
Wayne Alexander, NZ,
Mark Inglis, NZ
Robert Killup, Australia
Maxime Chaya, Lebanon
Wangbe, Tibet
Son Dorjee, Nepal (5th summit)
Tashi Phinjo, Tibet, (4th summit)
Dorji Sonam Gyalgen, Nepal, (6th summit)
Phubu Tsering, Tibet, (3rd summit)
Tenzing, Tibet, (4th summit)
Dorjee, Tibet
Lakpa Nuru, Nepal

Other, 5 people passing David Sharp
May 15th, Summit/near summit
Dale Abenojar, Tsiring Sherpa
Ravichandran Tharumalingam (alone) Malaysia
Valdimir Lande (summit 15th, 9.00am) Nima Sherpa


The story was poignant as it followed shortly after another set of events, where a large party of climbers on summit push left another mountaineer to die.
Image by Photo SeracFilms/Graphics by ExplorersWeb courtesy Explorersweb, SOURCE