Tension on Everest South; progress on Everest North

Posted: Apr 20, 2014 10:31 pm EDT

(By Kyle Henning) As the climbing and adventure communities mourn the loss of 13 Sherpas on the south side of Everest, teams on the north side continue to ascend low camps on the mountain with caution and sorrow as the season begins. Aware of the tragedy in Nepal, climbers and Sherpas in China are feeling the weight of it, some having lost close friends and family members.


Bill Burke:


72-year-old American mountaineer Bill Burke was at Chinese Base Camp (5199m/17,056 ft.) when the avalanche occurred on the south. He and his team had descended to Rong pu Monastery where they were told about the events. One of Burke’s Sherpas who had climbed with him in 2012, Ang Mingma Sherpa, learned about the death of his nephew and another close relative in the accident.


In an audio report on April 19, Burke remarked about the resiliency of the Sherpa community, saying, “The Sherpas do most of the work, they incur most of the risk, they suffer most of the losses when these tragedies unfold. The (foreign) climbers receive all the glory when they summit, while the Sherpas receive none.”


The team returned to BC where Ang Mingma and the other Sherpas continued to perform their duties, loading yaks for the ascent to Advanced Base Camp (6398m/20,992 ft.). Burke is climbing with Asian Trekking’s International Mount Everest Expedition. Today, the climbers are ascending to Intermediate Base Camp (6198m/20,336 ft.), then returning to BC for a rest day before climbing to ABC on April 23.


Bill Burke's Official Website


GPS Tracker of North Route

Asian Trekking International Mount Everest Expedition Website

Asian Trekking facebook


Other North Side Expeditions:


Malta Everest North 2014:

The first ever Maltese expedition on the north side of Everest safely reached BC on April 18. One member, Greg Attard, posted concern for those involved in the tragedy on the expedition facebook page. Their climb is in support of charity Dar tal-Providenza.


Maltese Everest14 Expedition


7 Summits Club:

Russian expedition has reached BC. All team members are safe, and plan to ascend to Intermediate Base Camp on April 23. They arrived at BC on April 15.


7 Summits Club Everest website


Adventure Peaks:

The team arrived at BC on April 18, and ascended to 6000m the next day for acclimatization. No update since the avalanche.


Adventure Peaks website

Adventure Peaks facebook


Summit Climb / Summit Trek:

American expedition is safe, with all members resting at Intermediate Base Camp as of April 20. They arrived at BC on April 14, with an ascent to ABC scheduled for tomorrow.


Summit Climb / Summit Trek website




Everest South side update by editor

Editors note: The situation on Everest South side remained tense on Sunday reported leaders such as RMI Guide Dave Hahn. Clients are hiking while leaders are in serious meetings with Sherpas and Liasion officers in camp.


"It is very difficult to say what will happen going forward," Hahn wrote in his update.  "Each team, if it has not suffered death and loss directly, has lost relatives, close friends and neighbors to the icefall avalanche of April 18.  In too many cases, survivors saw the friends perish before their eyes or else they dealt with the difficult aftermath of body recovery personally. Our Sherpa partners love their jobs and love to climb, but nobody is climbing now and all are struggling to come to terms with how to proceed in a way that honors those lost and protects those left alive."


Find RMI's and other expedition reports in the Dispatch streams section at ExplorersWeb and on the list of expeditions. International and national community news coverage shows in the News feeds.




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Photo of Everest North Side Base Camp from Adventure Peaks Expedition
courtesy Adventure Peaks, SOURCE
File image of Ang Mingma Sherpa and Bill Burke approaching Everest Camp 3 in 2010
courtesy Bill Burke, SOURCE
Asian Trekking International Mount Everest Expedition team photo, including Burke and Ang Mingma
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Everest North side as seen by the Maltese Everest14 Expedition
courtesy Maltese Everest14, SOURCE